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Starting with 3ds Max 2022, the format for plugins is changed to the Autodesk Application Plug-in Package format as described here: Autodesk application package help

V-Ray for 3ds Max installation has been modified to support plugin packages. 

The V-Ray installation location can be obtained by 3rd parties through the 3ds Max’s PluginPackageManager. The upgradeCode is "{00B38902-1C59-405A-875E-A9E3461F1FE7}"

Structure of the V-Ray application plugin package

For the sake of portability V-Ray for 3ds Max is installed in a single directory under the application plug-ins location, known further as PKGROOT. The accompanying V-Ray Standalone files are there too. The package is in a directory named VRay3dsMax<3ds Max version>. This should allow for distribution by just copying the whole package and setting the environment variables.

There are two possible locations for installing an Autodesk application package as follows:




This is the preferred install location when a plug-in is installed by the Autodesk store installer. Plug-ins installed to this location are available to all users on the machine.




The V-Ray SDK, example projects documentation installer and its logs as files not essential to rendering are still in their former place (by default at C:\Program Files\ChaosGroup\V-Ray\3ds Max <3ds Max version>) further known as INSTALLROOT.

A summary of the files bundled in the Autodesk application package for V-Ray:

Package element


Former location


viewport shaders

<Program Files>\Autodesk\3ds Max*\AMG


files needed for V-Ray for 3ds Max e.g. material_preview.vrscene

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\assets


V-Ray GPU binaries and plugins

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\bin


3ds Max defaults settings

<Program Files>\Autodesk\3ds Max*\en-US\defaults



<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\docs

[PKGROOT]/openslVRayOSL headers<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\opensl
[PKGROOT]/pluginsV-Ray for 3ds Max plugins<Program Files>\Autodesk\3ds Max*\Plugins
[PKGROOT]/resourcesV-Ray Toolbar icons<Program Files>\Autodesk\3ds Max*\UI_ln
[PKGROOT]/sceneconverter3ds Max scene converter scripts (and presets)<Program Files>\Autodesk\3ds Max*\SceneConverter
[PKGROOT]/scripts3ds Max startup scripts<Program Files>\Autodesk\3ds Max*\scripts
[PKGROOT]/PackageContents.xmlThe Autodesk application package descriptor


V-Ray SDK documentation shipped

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\docs


V-Ray SDK headers

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\include


V-Ray SDK export libraries

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\lib


VRayMDL sample shaders

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\mdl


V-Ray SDK sample projects

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\samples


V-Ray installer's binary, config and log

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\uninstall


Other products installations that are bundled with V-Ray

<Program Files>\Chaos Group\V-Ray\3ds Max*\utils

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