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This page provides information on the Geometry overrides rollout in the Render Settings.



The Geometry options control the types of geometry objects that are exported to V-Ray for rendering. Use these options to disable the rendering of specific types of Geometry for troubleshooting and testing.

UI Path: ||Render Settings window|| > Overrides tab > Geometry rollout



Geometry Overrides Parameters

Displacement – Enables (default) or disables V-Ray displacement mapping.

Subdivision – Enables (default) or disables subdivision on scene geometry (objects with openSubdiv and V-Ray subdivision attributes).

Viewport subdivision – When enabled, objects in the scene that are in smooth preview mode are rendered as subdivision surfaces. 

Hair/PaintFX/Fur – Enables (default) or disables the rendering of Maya hair, PaintFX, Maya fur and V-Ray fur in your scene.

VRay Proxy – Enables (default) or disables the rendering of V-Ray proxy objects in your scene.

Particles – Enables (default) or disables the rendering of particles.

Plugin Geometry – Enables (default) or disables the rendering of geometry that is introduced to your scene by third-party plugins.

Hidden geometry – Determines whether or not geometry that is sometimes (or always) invisible is exported to V-Ray.

Auto – Objects with animated visibility are exported to V-Ray only for frames where they are visible. Invisible objects (objects with the Visibility option disabled) are not exported.
 – Hidden objects are always exported to V-Ray regardless of whether it's rendering or creating a .vrscene file.
Never – Hidden objects are never exported to V-Ray even if they become visible during animation. 

Minimum hair width – Controls the minimum hair width globally. Works for all hair geometry within the scene, including Maya's nHair, and 3rd party plugins such as Yeti and Ornatrix. The value is in screen units and defines the number of pixels from the final rendered image. A value of 0 means that the global override is disabled. Values above 0 help reduce flickering in animation, as well as transparency issues when multiple hairs are in front of each other, but this may add to the render time. Values above 2 are not recommended.