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V-Ray 6, hotfix 1

Official release

Date - Dec 07, 2022

Build 6.00.03

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New features


  • Added support for profiler full mode for full ray path profiling;

Material importer

  • Added VRayMultiSubTex support in importer;


  • Added support for MayaUSD 0.20;
  • Added support for V-Ray user attributes in USD;

Modified features


  • CPU IPR should read the mtl_maxdepth settings;
  • Profiler performance improvements;
  • Added new version notification in VFB;

Viewport 2.0

  • Higher viewport resolution of VRayDomeLight when texture goes through intermediate nodes;
  • VRayDomeLight viewport resolution will be affected by viewport quality presets in the V-Ray settings;


  • GPU support for Affect All Channels;


  • Improved Alembic render times;

Bug fixes


  • Fixed crash when rendering Coat Render Elements in USD scene;
  • Fixed crash when rendering USD files with missing varname input;


  • Fixed slowdown in specific scene from V-Ray Next;
  • Mask render elements do not appear through refraction even when the refract_affect_alpha = 2 for the material;
  • Sun disk from VRaySky environment map is rotated with VRayLight dome's texture;
  • Incorrect Diffuse filter render element when All channels option is selected under Affect Channels.;


  • Fixed low CPU utilization with Intel Alder Lake CPUs on Windows 11;
  • Fixed crash when changing Engine on denoiser;

  • Decreasing the Start Width for renderable curves is not detected in IPR;

  • Missing Maya native 3d procedural textures when selecting a texture for the ExtraTex RE;

  • Changing Input texture correction does not grey out the Texture input gamma for Linear or RGB;

  • Inconsistent behavior of Texture input gamma option with applied texture;


  • Fixed module file for MacOS -unpackInstall installation;
  • Wrong installation layout after unpacking for portable install on macOS;
  • Fixed VRAY_OSL_PATH not being set by installer;


  • USD Camera read with incorrect transform;
  • Stray UsdUVTexture when exporting materials to USD;
  • Wrong value of Angle of View for Physical camera in USD scenes;
  • Invalid handling of instanced non geometry primitives;


  • Fixed crash with alembic when hair width multiplier is not 1;
  • Crash when importing proxy with full geometry mode;
  • Fixed slow geometry compilation with hundreds of proxy files referencing the same vrmesh file;


  • Fixed light mix light selection not working in IPR;
  • Show "Save RGB primaries conversion to image" only for sRGB Display Correction;
  • VFB color corrections in unsaved scene not baked in batch rendering output;


  • IPR doesn't detect changes to texture extra attributes;

V-Ray, USD, VRayScene

  • Disable render elements from mayaUsdProxyShape;

V-Ray GPU/VRayFur

  • V-Ray GPU not finding the correct UV channel;


  • VRayDecal shouldn't project on objects with vrayLightMeshProperties or VRayLightMtl;

VRayProxy/Viewport 2.0

  • Fixed high VRAM usage in the viewport with textured view disabled;


  • V-Ray Decal Inconsistent Behavior when imported as a vrscene;


  • Artifacts with Toon and ToonMtl;


  • Incorrect VRayToonMtl shadow blend;
  • VRayMtl2Sided's Translucency does not work with VRayToonMtls;


  • Wrong render of USD file with triplanar texture;


V-Ray 6

Official Release

Date - Aug 31, 2022

Build 6.00.02


New features



  • Added VRayEnmesh for efficient procedural geometry tiling

  • Added NoiseLevel render element

  • Added RenderTime render element

  • Add Metalness render element

  • Implement optimized auto-bump mode for displaced meshes

V-Ray Sun

  • Clouds for the V-Ray sky

V-Ray Profiler

  • Added V-Ray Profiler v1 for profiling materials, layered materials and heavy textures

  • Added -profilerMode option to profile scenes with V-Ray standalone


  • Finite radius for the dome light with option for ground projection


  • New SSS translucency illumination mode in VRayMtl

  • Added a Thin Film layer in VRayMtl with easy thickness controls

  • Energy compensation option for the GTR BRDF


  • VRayDecal displacement support


  • Added the Chaos Cloud Collaboration service

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU
  • Added V-Ray Perfect Sphere


  • Ability to combine randomization options in VRayMultiSubTex

  • Added "by user ID" random option in VRayMultiSubTex


  • Light cache support option for IPR


  • New GPU device selection tool


  • Support for VDB shaders in USD

  • Add support for MayaUSD versions up to 0.19

Chaos Cloud

  • Non-blocking Cloud export in the background (Windows only)


  • Faster light shading in fog

  • Faster textured fog with probabilistic shading option


  • Added support for light depth sampling in the volume grid
  • Phase Function control in Ray-Traced Scattering mode for the Smoke Color allowing to render realistic clouds with V-Ray CPU
  • Velocity and Normals render elements in Volumetric mode with V-Ray 6 CPU
  • Cryptomatte and Multimatte render elements in Volumetric mode with V-Ray 6 CPU
  •  New "Volume Motion Blur" option allowing to choose between Ray-traced and Grid-based methods - the Grid-based method creates more visible streaks for fast moving fluids


Modified Features


  • -unpackInstall option to produce portable installation instead of separate zipped install
  • Added all V-Ray for Maya environment variables to the module file for easier portable install deployment
  • Changed default installation paths to be outside the Maya folder, matching portable install folder structure
  • Use online changelog
  • Embeded the Chaos Unified Login
  • Stop downloading the material library from the installation
  • Use dedicated icon for VRayProxy in the Outliner

Chaos Cosmos

  • Added support for Cosmos procedural materials and Cosmos-based material library

VRayMtl, Viewport 2.0

  • Viewport quality presets for VRayMtl
  • Add support for the V-Ray 6 VRayMtl features in the Viewport 2.0 shader
  • Support for Normal and bump maps with V-Ray materials in Viewport 2.0


  • Added a new Samples Limit quality control that replaces the min and max subdivs for GPU
  • Auto-upgrade old scenes to the new Samples Limit control
  • Synchronize CPU bucket settings with the new samples limit GPU settings
  • New Device Selection options
  • Moved the RTX engine selection to the new Device Selection options
  • Add denoising options and per-device low thread priority in the GPU device select
  • Exposed the Global Material Overrides for V-Ray GPU
  • Improved the Trace Depth workflow
  • Support for "Affected by" in VRayDirt
  • Implement auto bump mapping for smoothed and displaced meshes
  • Autovoxelize dynamic geometry in V-Ray GPU


  • Optimize memory consumption by not subdividing objects that are far away from the camera
  • Redesigned the V-Ray Shelf and Material icons
  • Added a Shadow Catcher functionality to the V-Ray shelf
  • Added a search filter in the list of available render elements
  • Added an option to always write the frame number to the output file even for still images
  • Allow vfbControl MEL command in batch mode
  • Ability to prevent proxy import when drag-and-dropping in Maya through VRAY_DISABLE_DRAG_DROP_FILEEXT envvar
  • Use float controls for the explicit displacement bounds values
  • Added a C++ API for exporting simple parameters for third party translators
  • The VRAY_FOR_MAYA_SHADERS environment variable can now be used by third-party devs to point to additional extra attribute txt files
  • Add fit aspect ratio to material/bitmap functionality for VRayDecal


  • Added support for dynamic USD plugins
  • Improved USD material importer UI
  • Export VRayMtl as V-Ray material and USD Preview Surface
  • Improve error handling and add help to the vrayExportUsdMaterials command
  • Assume -chaser "vray" flag when using mayaUSDImport command


  • Added a Soap Bubble material preset
  • Hide the double-sided option in VRayMtl

Material Importer

  • Add VRayMultiSubTex support in importer
  • Add native support for MtlGLSL in importer


  • Added a "Show in folder" option to the VFB History context menu
  • Added functionality to select lights in LightMix
  • Better visibility of the A|B line in the VFB
  • Add menu items for enabling/disabling history and layers
  • Mark the scene dirty when making changes to layer compositing in VFB2


  • Added options to include the Rest channel when saving to file and to Denoise the Light Mix


  • Expose temporal mode option for NVIDIA denoiser

V-Ray ExtraTex

  • Added a custom background color option in VRayExtraTex render element


  • IPR should stop sampling after reaching the noise threshold


  • Аdded an Affect Alpha option for VRayEnvironmentFog

VRayMtl, VRayBumpMtl

  • Hide Local space bump map mode for BRDFBump and BRDFVRayMtl


  • Restored the Ray Distance options for the Dome light


  • Added VRayTriplanar option to use displaced surfaces


  • Support OSL camera shaders


  • Allow direct cloud submit with no project selected


  • Animatable VRayDecal parameters


  • Correctly apply proxy material overrides in the viewport
  • Limit number of faces per voxel to a sensible number


  • Enable parallel XGen export

Viewport IPR

  • Rename Viewport HUD label from VRayRT to VRay IPR


  • Sped up rendering of grid volumes with up to 25% when Fully Visible Fire or Volume Light Cache is used

  • VRayVolumeGrid: Sped up rendering of grid volumes with up to 10% when the RGB channel was used



Bug Fixes



  • Fixed a crash on macOS Monterey caused by exceeding the OS max file handle limit
  • Fixed old scenes randomly using OCIO Display correction when rendered in batch
  • Wrong viewport preview for TX textures from Cosmos on macOS
  • Fixed memory tracking results discrepancy for "Texman" and "Tiled bitmap"
  • Wrong font on installer on MacOS
  • VRayTexOCIO Maya node crashes when used with Maya software renderer
  • VFB2 OCIO display corrections not synced with Maya in batch
  • Reflections computed in fully diffuse VRayMtl materials
  • Time reported by the progress for "Compiling geometry" is incorrect in Standalone
  • Memory leak in TexLut
  • Memory leak when saving multichannel/multipart OpenEXR files
  • TexLut fails to read file on Linux when the path is specified with backslashes
  • BitmapBuffer: <frame0*> tag support
  • VFB2 OCIO display correction not found with Maya batch on Linux

  • Wrong vrscene lights export when combined with "Separate files" option

  • Print a message for unsupported Chaos Cosmos Browser for Maya 2019 on both Linux and macOS

  • Ray derivatives are not computed for perfect refractions

  • Incorrect reflection on objects with motion blur and vray subdivisions

  • Recalculating bloom/glare lens effects produces artefacts on Linux

  • Error when selecting "Lens File" Distortion type of V-Ray Physical camera in IPR

  • Standalone installation cropped UI on HighDPI MacOS

  • Standalone installation cannot start a distributed rendering server on macOS

  • Log typo in Estimated time remaining line


  • Fixed endless warnings for USD export material with UV linking
  • Importing V-Ray materials via mayaUSDImport does not work with MayaUSD 0.16
  • Invalid handling of instanced non geometry primitives
  • Show the warning for unsupported USD versions during render
  • Physical camera from USD scenes are imported with Depth of Field enabled
  • Mismatch with displacement in Houdini
  • Correctly export VRayMtl bump type as integer USD attribute
  • Importing USD scenes with usdPreviewSurface material is rendering wrong
  • Crash when rendering VRayMtlGLSL in USD scene with GPU
  • USD scenes with textures are imported black in Viewport
  • Crash when importing USD scenes with the -shadingMode flag and USD 0.15
  • USD scenes with particles are imported wrong in Maya Viewport
  • Locked camera parameters when imported from USD
  • Crash when importing specific USD scene with bitmap
  • Crash when importing USD scene with VRayPhysicalCamera through MEL command
  • Transform mismatch with Skel USD file
  • Unsupported shader parameters in USD
  • Fixed USD with VDB in IPR crashing on transform

V-Ray, VRayTriplanar

  • Wrong Normals when object has Triplanar mapped displacement and is a Texture Reference Object


  • Clipped light geometry when 'Clip lights geometry' option is disabled and non-light geometry is in front of lights
  • Wrong VRayClipper material on clipped VRayLight objects when set to Use object material
  • VRayPhysicalCamera: Rendering on GPU with Depth of Field prints errors in the Log Window


  • Fixed XGen button label on high-DPI displays

Material Importer

  • Nodes connected to Thin Film attributes don't get imported in Maya

USD, Material Importer

  • Specific Skel USD scene is not rendered


  • The persistent VFB setting to resize on resolution change does not persist
  • The VFB2 test resolution button isn't reflecting the current resolution if it's enabled when re-opening a scene
  • The VFB history option to copy the scene path also copies the project path



  • Fixed excessive memory usage and low performance with GPU Light Cache

  • Crash with Physical camera's position constraint

  • Crash when rendering specific alembic particles file

  • Some threads never finish with low_gpu_thread_priority=1

  • VRayMtl with translucency is not rendered properly after resuming a render using RTX mode of V-Ray GPU and Light cache

  • Projections using Spherical camera are not rendered correctly with V-Ray GPU

  • Instanced textured VRayLights don't share loaded textures

  • Difference in HairNextMtl on surface geometry between V-Ray and V-Ray GPU

  • Crash with GPU Light cache subdivisions set to 2000 and sample size >0.1

  • Scene with Light Cache crashes if run in parallel on Linux

  • Render time difference between V-Ray versions

  • Wrong render of VRayMultiSubTex on geometry with motion blur

  • Incorrect render with VRayEdgesTex on subdivided geometry

  • Out of core related crashes in V-Ray GPU

  • Crash with texture baking and geometry with displacement

  • Wrong fog color alpha results when refraction set to affect all channels

  • The alpha of a transparent VRayMaterial is not working correctly

  • Different alpha compared to the CPU and older V-Ray GPU versions

  • VrayLayeredTex not working with more than 6 inputs on GPU;


  • Crash when importing specific alembic with particles

  • Wrong UV linking with multiple UV sets in VRayProxy

  • Textures are not shown in the viewport on some Cosmos assets

  • Proxy2 frame transformations not reflected in Viewport 2.0 in Maya 2023


  • AppSDK shipped in V-Ray for Maya installation doesn't work on Linux and macOS

Memory Tracking

  • Illegible symbols in memory tracking for Dynamic geometry on Linux


  • Differences between VRayMtl and stochastic flakes with reflection glossiness=1

  • Outline on objects with VRay Stochastic Flakes Mtl


  • Missing Color and Intensity in UI for lights created from PluginNode

VRayMtl, V-Ray GPU

  • Artifacts on specific scene with VRayMtl SSS translucency

  • Wrong render with SSS2

VRayProxy, Cryptomatte

  • Cryptomatte's VRay user attribute ID type does not work with alembics in VRayProxy

VRayProxy, V-Ray GPU

  • The 'Per instance materials' options for alembics does not work properly in GPU


  • Diffuse artifacts with anisotropic reflections and sheen or diffuse roughness

Viewport 2.0, V-Ray GPU

  • Rendering artifacts with anisotropy reflections

Viewport 2.0, VRayPluginNodeMtl

  • Some Maya materials are imported black in Viewport


  • Standalone Vdenoise tool doesn't work with multi-part .exr files