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What is V-Ray Application SDK?

V-Ray Application SDK comes packed along with your V-Ray for Maya installation.

The V-Ray Application SDK (AppSDK) allows third-party integrators to create and/or manipulate V-Ray scenes, initiate and control a rendering process that makes use of the V-Ray engine. It provides a high-level API that enables users to load scenes, render them in-process as well as in distributed mode and also manipulate the scene objects known as V-Ray plugins. V-Ray AppSDK can load and save/export ".vrscene"-files exported from DCC applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, etc.

The AppSDK shipping with V-Ray for Maya comes only with the Python binding that matches the one V-Ray for Maya is built for. Thus, the Python 3 builds only have AppSDK with Python 3 binding, and the Python 2 builds only have AppSDK with Python 2 binding. 


For full documentation of V-Ray Application SDK, please refer to V-Ray Application SDK.

To download SDK samples and sample scenes, you can download and unpack the official V-Ray App SDK build that contains them. Once installed, by default they reside in Program Files > Chaos Group > V-Ray > AppSDK > examples and Program Files > Chaos Group > V-Ray > AppSDK > scenes.