This page provides an overview of Extra Packages in V-Ray for Modo.



You can add extra V-Ray channel packages to existing Modo types to control certain elements of the rendering related to V-Ray. The commands for adding and removing these packages can be accessed through the V-Ray menu in the Menu bar or from the V-Ray Toolbar or Toolbox.


UI Paths



||V-Ray menu|| > Add or Remove V-Ray package




||V-Ray Toolbar|| > Add or Remove V-Ray package button


||V-Ray Toolbox|| > V-Ray Packages rollout



Package Types

The following V-Ray packages can be added:

  • V-Ray Geometry Properties – Applied to meshes. Offers options for object IDs, subdivision, displacement, motion blur, etc.
  • V-Ray Object Properties – Applied to shaders. Provides controls for surface properties, matte properties, etc.
  • V-Ray Light Settings – Applied to native Modo lights. Gives finer control to lighting options and can improve renderings. See the Lights page for more information.
  • V-Ray Render Settings – Applied to the Render item. Enables a wide variety of V-Ray Rendering options.
  • V-Ray Physical Camera – Applied to standard Modo cameras. Adds extra functionality and real-world parameters, such as F-stop and lens focal length.
  • V-Ray Sun/Sky – Applied to Modo directional lights. Reproduces realistic sun and sky environments. See the V-Ray Sun and Sky page for more information.
  • V-Ray Camera – Applied to standard Modo cameras. Adds camera overrides and additional controls for V-Ray motion blur, V-Ray Stereoscopic, and V-Ray Clipping Planes.
  • V-Ray Motion Samples – Applied to Modo Replicators. Provides overrides for motion blur.



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