This page provides information on the standalone V-Ray Mesh Viewer.

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The V-Ray mesh viewer can be used to view both static as well as animated meshes. Once you run it, the tool will ask you to navigate and point to the .vrmesh or .abc file you want to preview. Once you've located the file you want to view and click Open, You will see the mesh.

You can navigate around the mesh by holding Alt and then using the Left mouse button to Rotate, the Middle mouse button to Pan and the Right mouse button to Zoom.


The mesh viewer tool is installed along with V-Ray and can be found in the tools or bin folder with other external V-Ray tools. It can be launched directly from the executable file or from the Windows Start > All Programs > Chaos Group > V-Ray [for app.] > Tools > V-Ray mesh viewer.

Menu Commands

File menu

Open – Allows you to load another .vrmesh or .abc file.
Exit – Exits V-Ray mesh viewer.

Rendering Menu – The options here allow you to control how the mesh is previewed in the work area.

Use mesh preview – Shows a simplified version of the mesh. The same preview is used inside the 3d Application.
Wireframe – The mesh is previewed as a wire frame.
Backface culling – When enabled, faces with normals facing away from the camera are displayed as transparent.
Reverse normals – Reverses the normals of all faces.


Gray – The whole mesh is gray.
Per-voxel color – Voxels are assigned predefined color.
Unique voxel color – Each separate mesh is displayed with an unique color.
Map channel – Each mesh is displayed based in the map channel it was unwrapped at.


Show Axis – Hides or shows the XYZ axis.
Show Grid – Hides or shows the Grid.
Center Mesh – Aligns the center of the mesh with the center of the XYZ axis.
Flip Y/Z axes – Flips the Y and Z axes.

General Options

Map Channel – Allows you to change the map channel.

Scene Objects – A list of all objects in the scene. You can use it to select object by their names.

Selection Mode – Allows you to switch between selecting objects or voxels.

Alembic Mesh Options

These options govern the displaying of alembic meshes.

Subdivide all meshes – When enabled, all alembic meshes are subdivides.

Subdiv level – Allows you to control the level of subdivision.

Preserve geometry borders – When enabled, the subdivided geometry falls within the borders of the original mesh.

Subdivide UVs – When enabled, the UVs of the object are also subdivided.

Particle size Allows you to control the preview size of particles.

Animation Options

These options allow you to view different frames of the mesh when it is animated. You can use the time line and drag the slider to move through the animation.

Enter frame – Allows you to manually enter a frame number that you wish to preview.