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Date – April 21, 2016

Download – Build 3.30.00

New Features

  • New VRayTranslator node with advanced Export options(export single frame or animated vrscenes ), V-Ray Standalone integration (render your scene in Standalone within Nuke, using Progressive rendering, RT, DR).
  • New VRayVRScene node that supports importing animated vrscenes, instancing, viewport preview and scene transformation.
  • Support for the new variance-based image sampler providing speed improvements along with better detection and clean-up of noise.
  • VRaySunSky node including Aerial perspective settings
  • VRayPhysicalCamera support in VRayCamera node - simulate real world camera effects
  • Lens distortion – stmap to VRayCamera
  • Support for VR cameras - Spherical Panorama and Cube 6x1 and side-by-side view
  • V-Ray native 3D noise texture with VRayTexNoise node
  • VrayRenderMask node to render only a specific part of the screen
  • VRayProxy visibility list for loaded geometry
  • VRayTexLayered - merge textures using various blend modes
  • VRayMtl2Sided - simulate thin surfaces like paper and plants
  • Support Nuke textures' alpha without using VRayMtl shader
  • Instance VRay proxies with Nuke particles


  • Extended support for clamp in UVTile node
  • Controls for texture size when using VRay RT via the VRayTranslator
  • Support for multichannel and deep EXR when exporting to vrscene for rendering via VRay Standalone
  • Standard image output options tab in the VRayTranslator for settings specific image format settings (compression, resolution, quality,...)
  • Option to override the VRayCamera settings and transformation matrix with a NukeCamera connected on the Axis input
  • Color space parameter in VRayTexBitmap with automatic selection based on image file extension
  • Deep merge mode and coefficient settings to VRayRenderer
  • Ground albedo color, affect environment slots selection and Aerial Perspective atmospheric effect settings in VRaySunSky node
  • Quality slider in VRay Material Preview node
  • VRayDirt radius texture input control
  • Reload button in the VRayTexBitmap and auto-reload on image change
  • VRayObjProp and VRayDisplacement have a single geo input
  • Enable support for multiple objects for VRayObjProp, VRayDisplacement and VRayEnvironmentFog using Scene node

Bug Fixes

  • VRayObjProp affects materials connected to VRayProxy
  • Velocity Render Element fixed
  • VRScene export of frame sequence loaded in VRayTexBitmap
  • VRayMtlCarPaint "coat gloss" knob changed from color to float
  • VRayDirt bias knobs
  • Nuke spotlight cone angle and cone penumbra angle parameters units set in degree in the user interface
  • Issues with VRayObjProp and VRayDisplacement used in series
  • Using negative values for scale in UVTile
  • Gathering motion blur samples from object property nodes, not connected directly to the Scene node
  • Export hangs when running script using post translate script from command line
  • VRayObjProp not overriding motion blur samples
  • Using VRMesh file without geometry and materials in frame 0
  • Improve consistency of the VRayLights common user interface