Table of Contents

Date – February 28, 2017

Download – Build 3.50.00

New Features

  • Online Licensing

  • Support for Projection Occlusion

  • Implement Material Presets

  • Add Adaptive Lights option to VRayRenderer

  • Support for Nuke 10.5

  • Add Anti-Aliasing Filters to VRayRenderer

  • Add Denoiser Render element

  • Streamline VRayMtlBlend

  • System unit metric user selection

  • Support for VRayFalloff texture

  • Support for VRayPlane

  • Support for TriPlanar Texture

  • Add VRayVolumeGrid node

  • Support for VRayDenoiser

  • Implement VRaySpotlight

  • Add VRayClipper node

  • V-Ray Denoiser for Nuke

  • Support for Light Cache


  • Improved Deep Rendering

  • Simplify VRaySamplerInfo

  • Add Glossy Fresnel option to VRayMTL

  • Cache Render elements with a single render

  • Support Deep volumetrics rendering

  • Improve texture tiling strategy

  • Change the output of utility passes to XYZ

  • Add texture input for Anisotropy Rotation of VRayMtl

  • VRayRenderMask node supports by Objects render mask mode using Geo input

  • Add shadowRadius parameter to VRaySpotLight UI

  • Export ZDepth render element as the native Nuke channel depth

Bug Fixes

  • Object ID Render Element is not rendering
  • Deep output render is offset when using overscan
  • Closing VRayMtlSSS resets changed settings
  • VRayCamera causes Nuke to constantly re-evaluate the DAG tree in a specific scene setup
  • Overscan region is not rendered but extended with the edge pixel
  • Nuke hangs during scene export with Alembic camera set as axis input for VRayCamera
  • Translator won't find the path to VRay Standalone by default
  • Velocity RE breaks the render with Motion Blur off
  • Render Elements aren't named correctly when rendering in Standalone
  • Common texture used by multiple UV tiles does not workVRayMtlSSS Presets do not update the associated color knobs
  • Exception when connecting Renderer's Camera input to Light
  • Allow negative colors to be used with TexBitmap
  • FrameHold doesn't affect Render Camera
  • Animated SphereLight won't export correctly in .vrscene
  • V-Ray Physical camera Vertical lens shift parameter doesn't work
  • V-Ray ignores Preserve Bounding Box of Reformat Node
  • V-Ray won't respect frame holds on Projection Animated Cameras
  • VRayEnvFog is not working with VRaySunSky
  • Crash with SamplerInfo and ExtraTex