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Build 5.20.00

Official release

Date  2 December, 2021

Download V-Ray for Nuke

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for Nuke 13.0


  • Support for asynchronous loading of simulation cache and viewport preview


  • Allow camera transform and parameter override from render camera in vrscene
  • VRayStandalone with VFB2 support
  • Redesigned installer

Modified Features and Bug Fixes

  • VRayTexBitmap texture output format is affected by the project setting format
  • Animated TexBitmap does not render on GPU via VRayStandalone
  • Missing exported keyframe with motion blur duration below 1 frame
  • Light linked via LightLinker as included type but without linked objects affects non-linked objects
  • Incorrect output of Project3D using native Nuke texture on GPU
  • Pixel outside projection view via Project3D using native Nuke texture is not transparent
  • Random failing VRayTranslator export with "Unable to write to file, empty vrscene filename" message

Build 5.00.00

Official release

Date – 14 October, 2020


New Features and Improvements

  • Support for Nuke 12.2
  • VRaySunSky : Added "Improved" sky model

  • VRaySunSky : Added albedo blend angle and horizontal offset and regroup all albedo options in a new Ground Albedo rollout.

  • VRayRenderElement (LightSelect) : Added Light Path Expressions (LPE)

  • VRayRenderElement (LightSelect) : Added Indirect and Subsurface light select mode

  • VRayMtl : Added Coat layer

  • VRayMtl : Added Sheen layer

  • VRayMtl : Added Metalness

  • VRayEnvironmentFog : Added colored transparency

  • VRayPluginMtl : Implemented VRayPlugin-based generic material node with automatic user interface creation based on plugin description