This page provides information about the Chaos Cloud Collaboration for Revit.



The Collaboration window provides a collaboration tool for sharing your work with other users. You can upload images from the VFB to the Chaos Cloud Collaboration where other users can add comments and annotations.

Signing in Chaos Cloud Collaboration using your Chaos credentials is required once. After that you are automatically signed in every time you open the Collaboration window.



UI Paths


||VFB|| > Save (dropdown menu) > Upload image to Chaos Collaboration


||VFB|| > File (dropdown menu) > Upload image to Chaos Collaboration







||Revit Ribbon|| > V-Ray tab > Render panel (dropdown menu) > Chaos Collaboration



||VFB|| > History (left VFB panel) > Select Image(s) > Rhight-click (dropdown menu) > Upload image to Chaos Collaboration




Workflow and Controls

Open the Collaboration window from the Revit ribbon > V-Ray tab > Render panel (dropdown menu) and use the Chaos Collaboration button or use the Upload image to Chaos Collaboration option in the VFB save options, file options, or History options in order to upload your images.

The Collaboration window has several sections. The section Upload files contains a list of uploaded images and the Recent folder contains only the recent project.

 – Deletes the current image from the upload list.

 – In the Upload files, uploads the current image from the VFB to Chaos Cloud Collaboration. In Browse, creates a new project or folder.

Upload to selection – Uploads the images to Chaos Cloud Collaboration.

New upload – Clears the Collaboration tab and prepares it for new upload of images.

Open in browser – Opens the uploaded images in Chaos Cloud Collaboration.