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This page provides videos showcasing some of the newest features in V-Ray for Rhino.

Enscape to V-Ray compatibility

Transfer Enscape projects to V-Ray 6 and bridge the design and visualization process in a seamless workflow. Bring Enscape materials, lights, and compatible 3D models inside V-Ray for Rhino and take them to photorealism by editing or swapping them with V-Ray and Cosmos assets.  

Learn more about the Escape to V-Ray bridge:

Chaos Cloud Collaboration

Introducing Chaos Cloud Collaboration. Easily share your work with your team and clients. Simply invite them to review your images and share their feedback. Speed up reviews and get your projects done faster.

Learn more about Chaos Cloud Collaboration at

V-Ray Enmesh

Learn how to simplify the creation process for objects with repeating patterns. Perfect for things like fences, panels, or fabrics, with V-Ray Enmesh, you can intuitively tile and customize geometric shapes at no additional memory cost.

Procedural Clouds

Learn how to generate custom cloudscapes with the help of procedural clouds. Pick the cloud types you want in your render, set their preferred density, height, and thickness, and animate gorgeous timelapses of your scene.

Distance Texture

Improve the realism of material and procedural effect placement using the Distance Texture. Pick reference objects in your composition and control the texture distribution based on their proximity.

Finite Dome Light

Learn how to place models inside HDRI environments with improved precision. Easily create physical scale by controlling the projection settings to create a seamless blend between the photo and render model.

Cylindrical Projection in V-Ray Decal

Watch this tutorial to see how to add realistic stickers to curved objects and blend surface and decal bumps using the cylindrical projection and additive bump options in V-Ray Decal.

Enmeshes from Chaos Cosmos

Enhance your projects with an extensive collection of pre-designed enmesh patterns. This video demonstrates the process of browsing, importing, and applying enmesh presets from Chaos Cosmos to your projects. Explore a wide range of patterns and discover how you can tailor their size, height, and other settings to suit your preferences.

New VFB Functionalities

Discover the latest V-Ray Frame Buffer features. The Chromatic Aberration effect mimics real lens flaws, introducing color distortion for a touch of lifelike realism in your projects. Enhance navigation by easily grouping layers into folders within the stack. Plus, create quick backgrounds with the new plain color feature in the Background layer.

New Volumetric Effects

Learn how you can enhance the authenticity of your V-Ray for Grasshopper renders by leveraging the new volumetric effects. Achieve realistic skies with natural atmospheric depth or infuse haze and fog, authentically simulating light scattering.