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This page provides some basic guides to working with V-Ray for Rhino.

Exterior Daytime Lighting Techniques

In this V-Ray for Rhino tutorial, Chaos’ 3D artist Ivan Kozaliev shares essential lighting techniques for creating a day scene. 

We’ll start off by setting up a geographically accurate or fully customizable sun position using the V-Ray Sun and Sky system. To add realism, we’ll use a Dome light and an HDR image from Chaos Cosmos to create a cloudy sky. Then, we’ll explore how Light Gen can automatically create multiple lighting scenarios to choose from. Finally, we’ll render on the cloud and demonstrate how Light Mix can refine your lighting without re-rendering. 

Exterior Evening Lighting Techniques

In this V-Ray for Rhino tutorial, Ivan Kozaliev, a 3D artist at Chaos, turns a day scene into night and demonstrates the best ways to light your architectural exterior. You’ll learn some useful tips about placing and setting up some of the most practical artificial lights — rectangle, sphere, and IES. Then you’ll find out how to create a realistic night sky using an HDRI from Chaos Cosmos and how you can employ your custom HDRI library in Light Gen. Finally, you’ll learn how to render your image with Chaos Cloud and add finishing touches with the help of Light Gen.

How to Make Simple Fire

Learn the easiest method for creating a fire material. Practice scene is also available in the tutorial. See the How to Make Simple Fire tutorial.

V-Ray Swarm QuickStart

See this step-by-step introduction to V-Ray Swarm for Rhino. For the full tutorial, see the V-Ray Swarm QuickStart page.

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