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This page provides information on Interactive Rendering in V-Ray.


V-Ray Interactive is an interactive rendering engine for Rhino. To start using V-Ray Interactive, you can simply left-mouse-click the Interactive button from the main Asset Editor.

You can start V-Ray Interactive rendering directly in Rhino's viewport. Change a viewport's display mode to V-Ray Interactive to see updates of the scene to rendered image.

UI Paths

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render with V-Ray (dropdown menu) > Render with V-Ray Interactive

||V-Ray Frame Buffer|| > Start Interactive Rendering

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > Interactive Render (left-click) > Starts an Interactive Render

Rhino Menus Ribbon

||V-Ray|| > Rendering > Interactive Render


  • When V-Ray GPU (CUDA) in enabled, some features are not fully supported. See the Supported Features page for more information.
  • Interactive rendering in the VFB displays EffectsResult Channel when the Denoiser is active.
  • V-Ray Vision is an alternative to V-Ray Interactive and can be used instead.