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his page provides information on the Configuration settings rollout in V-Ray for SketchUp.



The Configuration rollout is where you can globally configure the Properties display of newly created assets as well as of already existing ones.

The Properties of some rollouts in the V-Ray Asset Editor are organized in Basic and Advanced modes. You can set the mode for all assets, which affects the state of newly created assets and pre-existing ones, or for newly created assets only.



UI Path

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Settings > Configuration




UI Current ThemeChanges the Color Theme of the V-Ray Asset Editor, Export V-Ray Proxy, V-Ray Color Picker, V-Ray File Path Editor, About Chaos V-Ray, V-Ray Light Gen, and Export V-Ray Scene. You can choose between a Chaos Black (default) theme, a Dark theme, or Bright theme. See the images on the right.

Sliders Color SpaceControls the color space of all Color Picker sliders. Color Picker slider inputs can work with both Rendering (RGB) and Screen (sRGB) values. Selecting the preferred color space affects all color sliders at once.

Rendering (RGB) – The default mode. The color values that are displayed match the color values that V-Ray uses for internal calculations (and the values listed in a .vrscene). This means that if a 0.5 in value, gray color is selected, it appears bright when rendered and viewed in sRGB space. On the other hand, if two colors are blended with a Mix (Map) texture using the same 0.5 mix color, the result is exactly 50% color blend. This mode is useful when blending materials or textures with exact color values. It also allows for specifying exact (might be measured) material albedo, reflection, or transmission.
Screen (sRGB) – The color values that are displayed match the color in the rendered image viewed in sRGB space (the VFB default behavior). This means that if a color is set with exact R G B values, rendered, and then picked from the image the values match.

GPU Preview Devices Selects the devices used for the GPU preview. Note that the selected option is preserved between sessions.

Order Assets – Order assets in the Asset Editor - By Type And Name or By Name.

Delete Confirmation – Enables a confirmation dialog on every asset deletion or purge.

Update Notifications Automatically checks for software updates and enables pop-up notifications. Keep this option enabled to get notified every time a new V-Ray version becomes available.

Properties LevelSets a default level of expertise for newly created assets. This option does not affect pre-existing assets.

Basic – Allows configuration of the essential settings only.
Advanced – Allows configuration of all available settings.

Apply to Existing Applies the default level of expertise to all existing scene assets.



Usage Statistics

Participate in the improvement decisions for future versions of V-Ray by automatically sending and anonymous usage statistics to Chaos. Note that no personally identifiable information is collected.


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