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The Thin Film rollout is part of the Generic material's parameters.

The Thin Film recreates the effect of thin film interference on a surface making the material iridescent. Some common uses are soap bubbles and reflective car paint layering.


Thin Film

Available only in Advanced mode.

Thin Film – Turns on/off the thin film effect.

Thickness Map – Specifies the thickness texture. The map blends between the Min and Max thickness values and is expected to be in the range of 0-1. If there is no texture map, only the minimum thickness value is used.

Thickness Min (nm) Determines the minimum thickness measured in nanometers. See the Thin Film Thickness example for more information.

Thickness Max (nm) Determines the maximum thickness measured in nanometers.

IOR Specifies the index of refraction of the medium the thin film is made of.




Example: Thin Film Thickness


This example shows how the Thickness Min (nm) parameter affects the V-Ray material. The Thin Film IOR is set to 1.4.



Thickness Min = 0

Thickness Min = 300

Thickness Min = 450

Thickness Min = 600





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