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This page provides information about the V-Ray Log Window in SketchUp. 



V-Ray Log Window collects and displays messages from the Asset Editor.


UI Paths

||V-Ray Frame Buffer|| > Log

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Open V-Ray Frame Buffer (dropdown menu) > Open V-Ray Log






Filter Source – Selects what type of messages to show in the V-Ray Log Window. The render process should start at least once in order to appear in the Filter Source list.

Show All – Shows all type of messages - both NeUI and V-Ray.
NeUI Main – Shows messages related to NeUI only.
V-Ray – Shows V-Ray plugin related messages.
Asset ManagerShows messages related to Asset Manager only.
Remote Logging Service – Shows messages coming from SketchUp only.
Assets Preview Renderer – Shows messages related to the Asset Editor's preview renderer.

Filter Level – Specifies whether to show all messages, only errors and warnings or only errors.

Wrap – Wraps the text.

Search bar – Allows you to search in the log by a keyword.

The Go To Log File () button opens the log file directory.

The Clear Log () button clears the V-Ray Log Window from the current messages. Using the Clear Log button with a specific source filtered clears only its log. Select the Show All option to clear everything. The Clear Log button only clears the V-Ray Log Window, the actual log text file is preserved.




  • After V-Ray 5 for Rhino, update 1.1 (v5.10.02), the V-Ray Progress Window was deprecated and its function included in the new V-Ray Log Window.




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