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This page provides information about the supported features by Chaos Cloud rendering.




Chaos Cloud rendering supports and renders scenes using both the V-Ray CPU and the V-Ray GPU engines. Chaos Cloud rendering supports V-Ray GPU rendering running on CUDA and RTX enabled devices.


Chaos Cosmos assets are supported in Chaos Cloud rendering. 

For detailed information on the supported features by V-Ray in Chaos Cloud rendering, please visit the corresponding page: 

Fancy Bullets



Some custom V-Ray settings are overridden in the Chaos Cloud rendering environment to ensure best optimization of the resources. Below is a full list of those settings. 

Bucket Image Sampler


When using the Bucket render mode, the Bucket size is automatically set depending on the hardware type used for rendering. This ensures the best cloud rendering performance based on the machines' specifications and the performance tests we continuously run. If the Bucket size in the scene is different, it will be overridden. 

GPU Acceleration for Denoiser and Lens Effects


In case the job runs on a hardware without GPU and this option is enabled, Chaos Cloud rendering will disable it and continue applying the effects without GPU Acceleration. 

AI Denoiser to V-Ray Denoiser


NVidia AI Denoiser is always overridden by the default V-Ray Denoiser in Chaos Cloud rendering. 

V-Ray Dynamic Memory Limit