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The following tools are provided by V-Ray to assist with lighting:


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CardPageLinkVRayShadow for Standard Lights


V-Ray provides shadow types that work with standard 3ds Max lights. These shadow types take into account V-Ray-specific features such as V-Ray Proxies, Displacement, and FurThe VRayShadow plugin can be used to achieve raytraced shadows with 3ds Max lights and V-Ray. As well as supporting blurry (or area) shadows, they also cast the correct shadows from any objects with V-Ray displacement, as well as from any transparent objects.

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CardPageLinkV-Ray Light Lister

Light Lister

This UI window is a handy way to modify many common attributes of all of the lights in the scene. It works with both V-Ray lights and standard 3ds Max lights.


Light Meter

The VRayLightMeter helper is an aid for showing how a scene is illuminated and is intended to simulate the use of a real-life light meter that is used in photography and film production.

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When the Store with irradiance map option is enabled on any V-Ray Light, it is then no longer treated as a direct light source and is not available within the Light Select Render Element

The information that is presented by VRayLightMeter does not change or otherwise affect the lighting in the scene in any way; it only reports on it. This helper is intended to provide information so you can make adjustments to the scene's lighting at your own discretion.