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  • For information on render region and saving .exr files with render region, see the V-Ray Frame Buffer page.
  • If rendering with V-Ray Standalone, use the -deleteResumableFileOnSuccess=1 command to automatically delete the resumable file if the frame is completed successfully. This applies to additional .vrimg or .vrprog files, and not when the output image file is .vrimg. The default command value is 0, which keeps the resumable file.
  • VRIMG is a Chaos proprietary file format used by the V-Ray Frame Buffer to store the rendered image incrementally (bucket by bucket) while rendering in full floating-point format, with all available render elements. It is used as a render output but it is not recommended to use it as a texture file format. VRIMG contains metadata, i.e. render statistics. It supports dynamic bucket size. VRIMG can be saved just as any other image format – it can either be the render output format or it can be saved from the VFB.