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When the Source is set to LightMix, you can enable/disable lights and adjust light intensity and color during and after the render. The modifications can be saved as light mix presets and reused. VRayLightMix automatically creates Environment and Self Illumination render elements.

Reset – Resets all changes made to default values.

Save – Saves the changes as light mix preset.

Load – Loads a light mix preset.

To Scene – Applies the current VRayLightMix changes to the scene. This sends all changes to colors/intensities back to the scene lightsitems (except the items which were left out in Rest). This option is only available when the render has stopped.

To Composite – Sends the Light Selects from LightMix to Composite for additional post adjustments.

Recent – Shows a list of recent light mix presets.

Checkbox – Enables/Disables the selected light.

Multiplier – Specifies an intensity multiplier.

Color Slot – Specifies a color for the selected light.

– Turns on/off all lights.

Environment – Contains the emitting effect of any map placed in 3ds Max's Environment map slot (Rendering > Environment) or the Environment overrides (Render Setup > V-Ray tab > Environment rollout).

Self Illumination – Contains either all parts of the scene which have a self illumination material, or only the parts of the scene which haven't been included in any groups specified by Light Selects. Some parts of the scene might also be present in this category if the individual number of self emitting materials exceeds the maximum range of 62 for all the Light Selects.

Rest – Includes all the individual lights that are not part of any group defined by a Light Select or exceeding the limit of the list (the limit of the list is 62 individual lights or Light Selects).