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UI Text Box

V-Ray Benchmark for Windows comes with two separate executables - one for GUI usage, and another one for command-line usage.

The Linux version and macOS versions has one single executable for both GUI and command-line usage.


OptionOption aliasFunctionExamples
--dump-dLogs debug outputvray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --mode vray --dump
--list-devices-lLists the available devices for the picked modevray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --mode vray-gpu-cuda --list-devices
--with-devices DEVICES-w DEVICESPicks devices for rendering. DEVICES is a comma-separated list of device indicesvray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --mode vray-gpu-cuda --with-devices 0,1
--mode MODE
Picks a mode for rendering. MODE can be: vray, vray-gpu-cuda, vray-gpu-rtx.
vray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --mode vray-gpu-rtx
--output FILE-o FILE
Outputs the benchmark information to a .json file. FILE is an absolute path.
vray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --mode vray --output D:\CUDA_cards.json
Provides information about the current version of V-Ray Benchmark.
vray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --version
Displays a help message with the available command-line flags.
vray-benchmark-6.00.00-cli.exe --help