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Download the V-Ray Benchmark

What is V-Ray Benchmark

V-Ray Benchmark is an application that tests your system resources to measure how well your system renders V-Ray scenes using both the CPU and the GPU(s). Through a standalone executable, users can run V-Ray Benchmark to see how well their system performs rendering sample scenes for a fixed amount of time without having V-Ray installed. There are two ways of benchmarking your machine - using the dedicated GUI application, or alternatively through the command-line interface.

Results can be submitted to an online site that aggregates all submitted system specifics and their scores for comparison sake. This is useful for making decisions on upgrades and allocating system resources as required. Also, it's just pretty cool!

  • Benchmark your system for CPU and GPU (CUDA and RTX) performance with V-Ray
  • Post scores and compare with other system builds to
  • Tweak or upgrade components and see their real-world impact
  • Runs on Windows (Windows 8, 10, 11), Linux (Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7.2 WS, or CentOS 7, and later) and macOS (version 10.10 and later). GPU Rendering on macOS is performed on CPU device(s) only.
  • Does not require a V-Ray installation or license

GPU Rendering

A hardware device with at least 2048 MB of VRAM is required for benchmarking your GPU. NVIDIA driver version 520 or newer is required. GPU devices will not be available for benchmarking unless these requirements are fulfilled.

Where to Download

Click the link below to download V-Ray Benchmark. Once you log in to your account, you can download V-Ray Benchmark for the desired operating system as an executable file that may be placed anywhere on your machine to be run directly. There is no licensing or installation required, but please do read through the license agreement once you launch the application.

Download the V-Ray Benchmark

How to Use

See how V-Ray Benchmark works at Using Benchmark page. 

Performance Score

See how to submit and compare your results at Performance Score page.

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