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V-Ray 6 Update 2 includes numerous enhancements to improve user experience and streamline workflows. V-Ray now provides access to an improved Scatter tool, .vrscene imports from various applications, and faster job submissions to Chaos Cloud.

Official release

Date: Apr 45, 2024

Latest Build: V-Ray 6, Update 2, hotfix 3 (6.20.03)

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V-Ray 6, Update 2, hotfix 3 (6.20.03)

Official release

Date - Apr 45, 2024

Improvements & bugfixes

  • Improved V-Ray toolbar icons in Rhino 8. The quality of the icons is now consistent when varying their size. A dark-theme specific icons set is also included
  • The file path verification in the Export V-Ray Scene and Export V-Ray Proxy windows is improved
  • Entering sleep mode no longer severs the communication between V-Ray and Rhino
  • Asset Editor and other V-Ray windows now always open in the center of the Rhino window by default
  • An issue preventing Hue from being set to 0 or 1 in the Color Picker is now resolved
  • Deleting multiple maps of the same texture type simultaneously no longer causes a crash
  • An issue causing Blend materials from vrscene files to not import properly via the V-Ray Scene Importer is resolved
  • An issue preventing the Dirt texture's Ignore Self-occlusion option from functioning correctly is resolved
  • An issue causing incorrect viewport representation of Rhino compound materials with V-Ray sub-materials is resolved
  • Conversion of a Rhino material with nested V-Ray materials within no longer causes the sub-materials to be duplicated
  • An issue preventing Rhino's Rendered View option "Shadows only" from functioning is fixed
  • An issue preventing changes to V-Ray materials from being registered if they are slotted within Rhino Blend or Double Sided materials is resolved
  • V-Ray Decal is no longer identified by Rhino as a bad object
  • An issue causing textures within Rhino materials converted to V-Ray to disappear is resolved
  • An issue causing a crash when adding and moving a Proxy Mesh during Interactive rendering is resolved
  • An issue preventing the update of the Scatter's preview when changing guests probability, is now resolved
  • Sending LightMix changes to a Light with a slotted texture no longer produces additional nested textures
  • An issue preventing the import of Instancer geometries from Proxy Scene files is resolved
  • A crash upon merging Cosmos assets during Interactive Rendering is resolved
  • A crash caused by importing Enmesh assets from Cosmos during Interactive rendering is resolved
  • An issue causing the NVIDIA AI Denoiser's Upscale option to be enabled for each Denoiser type is resolved
  • An issue with enabled NVIDIA AI Denoiser's Upscale option breaking the preview of a Cloud job and a Viewport rendering is resolved
  • An issue preventing Cloud rendering job name from being populated when restarting the submit process is resolved
  • Fixed an error appearing when Cloud jobs are submitted multiple times in a row
  • Attempting to upload an image via the Chaos Cloud Collaboration window before rendering no longer produces an error. A warning is shown instead
  • Improved notification for missing Chaos Cloud application
  • Cloud window no longer causes an error to appear briefly when closing Rhino
  • Canceling a Cloud job submittal shortly after launch no longer causes an error
  • Fixed an issue with V-Ray Scene files containing a Dome light with modified control points rendered in Chaos Cloud or V-Ray Standalone
  • Added script access support for Python 3.9 and C# 9.0 in Rhino 8
  • Grasshopper’s V-Ray Camera component ‘Get Active Rhino Viewport’ and ‘Look through Camera’ functions are now accessible via script