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This page provides information regarding the latest release of V-Ray for Rhino.

V-Ray 6 Update 2 includes numerous enhancements to improve user experience and streamline workflows. V-Ray now provides access to an improved Scatter tool, .vrscene imports from various applications, and faster job submissions to Chaos Cloud.

Official release

Date: May 28, 2024

Latest Build: V-Ray 6, Update 2, hotfix 4 (6.20.04)

Download V-Ray 6.2.4 for Rhino

See Release Notes for all previous V-Ray versions here.

V-Ray 6, Update 2, hotfix 4 (6.20.04)

Official release

Date - May 28, 2024

Improvements & bugfixes

  • The V-Ray scene (.vrscene) export no longer requires a license
  • The Tri-Planar texture viewport appearance is improved
  • The viewport appearance of ray-traced textures like V-Ray Dirt is improved
  • The aspect ratio of bitmap textures is preserved when viewport baking is performed whenever possible
  • ImageQuality argument introduced in vrayTexturePreviewSettings command. A lower value can reduce the Rhino project file size by applying image compression
  • Objects using one of Rhino’s geometry modifiers (like Edge Softening, Thickening, or Displacement) are no longer misplaced when rendered (applies to Rhino 8.6 and later)
  • An issue preventing the import of specific materials when pasting is resolved
  • There is no longer a freeze in projects containing Scatter with a high preview instance count
  • There is no longer a crash when opening a project where an Enmesh object was deleted, while the V-Ray plugin was not loaded
  • Adding Scatter to an object that has already been added as a guest in another Scatter no longer leads to a crash
  • A typo in the Mesh Light properties in Rhino 8 is fixed
  • V-Ray GPU: System Memory for Textures implemented. It lowers the GPU memory usage significantly by offloading textures to system memory with little impact on performance
  • V-Ray GPU: There is no longer a crash when starting a render, while the CUDA devices selection specified in the Asset Editor differs from the global one (defined by the GPU Device Selection tool and stored in the VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS environment variable)
  • V-Ray GPU: An issue preventing the material Raytrace Properties from working correctly is resolved
  • A warning is logged instead of an error when the V-Ray UI loses connection to the host application
  • The proper function of the V-Ray UI is no longer prevented by specific system proxy configurations

V-Ray 6, Update 2 - New Features

V-Ray 6, Update 1 - New Features

V-Ray 6 - New Features

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