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This page provides information on the Corona Edge Shader, its settings, and usage.


Corona Edge Shader lets you have gradient like texture around the open edges (borders) of geometry.


Distance near - Controls the width from the edge until the start of the gradient.

Distance far - Controls the width from the edge until the end of the gradient.

Level - Determines the edge color strength.

Color - Controls the color or map spanning from the actual edge (border) until "Distance near".

Texture - Overrides near or far color slots with the use of shaders or bitmaps.

Mix mode - Controls the blending mode between the color and the texture slot.

Mix strength - Determines the mixing strength of the color and the texture slots.

Enable near/far distance mapping - Controls the gradient interpolation between near and far distances.


Corona Edge Shader used to adjust the opacity and colors of the edges of the map object: 

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