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This page provides information on using the Chaos Cosmos Browser with Corona for 3ds Max. 



The Chaos Cosmos Content System delivers a 3D content library of high-quality 3D content selected from the rich Chaos ecosystem. It allows users, from their respective Chaos products, to browse, place, and render 3D assets in their projects. The asset categories span across Furniture, Accessories, People, Vegetation, Vehicles, HDRIs, and more. In addition, the assets work seamlessly in the different Chaos renderers and host apps.

To learn more about using the Chaos Cosmos Browser with Corona, please visit the dedicated page in our Help Center - How to Use Chaos Cosmos Assets - 3ds Max

UI Path: ||Corona Toolbar|| > Chaos Cosmos button


||Corona Toolbar|| > Chaos Cosmos button



You can also access the Chaos Cosmos Browser by opening your web browser and typing http://localhost:30305/



Corona-specific Content Updates

The following Cosmos updates were introduced in each new Corona version:

Corona Version

Cosmos Updates

Corona 8Cosmos is available in Corona for the first time.
Corona 9Corona Decals are added to Cosmos.
Corona 10Corona Patterns are added to Cosmos.