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This page provides information on the Corona Color Correct Map, its settings, and usage.


The Corona Color Correct Map provides powerful options for modifying the colors of any texture such as changing the brightness, saturation, contrast, hue, gamma, temperature, inverting colors, adjusting exposure, and more. 


Corona Color Correct Texmap

Input – Allows placing the texture for color-correct.

Use settings from map – If set to Use settings from map, the map uses parameters of another Color Correction Map instead of the ones below. This option allows to apply the same color correction on multiple maps.

Use these settingsIf this option is selected, the map uses its own parameters available in its interface.

sRGB (Low Dynamic Range) Adjustments

These parameters provide basic color correction options such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, etc, which can be used in common scenarios such as adjusting the appearance of bitmap textures.

Linear (HDR) Adjustments

Exposure – Controls the exposure of the texture. Values range from -1 to 1.

Tint – Adds a color tint to the texture.

LUT Parameters

Enable – When checked, the LUT file correction is enabled. This also enables the input slot for a LUT file.

Input LUT is in Log color space – Enabling this will read the LUT in the log color space.

Opacity – Controls the influence of the LUT file correction.


Enable – When checked, the correction of the curve is enabled. This also enables the curves editor.

Editor – Opens up the curves color editor.

Additional Outputs – If set to higher value than 0, the texture will have this many additional inputs and outputs. The inputs marked with number 'X' will be used for 'Additional Output X'.

To learn more about using the Additional Outputs, please check Multiple Output Maps at the Chaos Help Center.


In this example, the Corona Color Correct map was used to create variations in the chair fabric color.

In this example, the Corona Color Correct map was used to create variations in the chair wood color.

CoronaColorCorrect Exposure -2

CoronaColorCorrect Exposure 0

CoronaColorCorrect Exposure 1

CoronaColourCorrect Gamma 0.8

CoronaColourCorrect Gamma 1.0

CoronaColourCorrect Gamma 1.2

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