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This page provides information on the Corona Light, its settings and usage.



Corona Light is a very flexible type of light that will let you create any light source. It can be set to area light, using either a circle or rectangle; it can be set to be an object, using a sphere, cube, or cylinder.

UI Paths: Corona Light
  • ||Command Panel|| > LightCorona> CoronaLight

  • ||Chaos Corona Toolbar|| > Create Corona Proxy button


Corona Light objects, from the renderer point of view, do not differ from objects painted with the Corona Light Material - they are sampled the same way and have virtually the same properties.


Corona Light

On – Turns on and off the Corona Light.

Targeted Makes the Corona Light targeted.

Intensity The intensity multiplier for the Corona Light.

Physical units Physical units for light emission. The default option (W//sr.m^2)) is in Corona equal to the 'image' units.


Direct input Allows selecting specific colors using Corona Color Picker.

Kelvin temp Adjusts the Corona Sun color temperature due to the Kelvin Temperature Scale.

Textmap Allows to load a textmap.


Shape Allows creation of 4 different shapes of the Corona Light - Sphere, Rectangle, Dysk, and Cylinder.

Width/radius Determines the radius/width of the light source.

Height Sets a height of the Corona Light (applies only for Rectangle and Cylinder).

Segments Defines how many segments geometry of the light will have. (min - 3; max - 128) (applies only for Sphere, Dysk and Cylinder).

When possible, spheres are represented as the ideal spheres during rendering, ignoring this value.

Directionality How concentrated the light emission should be around the normal. Higher value creates a spotlight effect.

Emit on both sides When enabled, the lights also emit on the back side. When disabled, it is black on the backside.


Wireframe When enabled, the light is drawn in the viewport in the wireframe. Has no effect on the rendering.

Gizmo size Size of the viewport lines/gonioweb indicating direction of the light emission. Set to 0 disabling them.

Light Lister Allows to manage different Corona Lights present in the scene.



Nonphysical Properties

0 object excluded Excludes objects from illumination/shadow casting for the light.

Shadowcatcher illuminator Used in combination with shadowcatcher materials. If enabled, this light illuminates the shadowcatcher instead of casting shadows on it. Enable for CG that are being added to the footage and are not present in the 2D backplate/footage.

Prevent black appearance When on, the light continues to emit light in a focused cone or via an IES profile as before, but it appears as a non-directional when viewed directly from a camera. This fixes the black appearance of directional light when viewed from an angle, which although physically correct, may be surprising and unwanted.


Visible directly Make the Corona Light directly visible to the camera.

Visible in reflections Makes the Corona Light directly visible in reflections.

 Visible in refraction Makes the Corona Light directly visible in refractions.

Generate caustics Enabling this option allows generating caustics.

Occlude other lights When enabled, this light blocks shadow rays from other lights in the scene. It is geometry that casts shadows when other lights shine at it.




On – Turns on and off the IES light.

None – Allows to load an IES map.

Keep sharp pattern – A fake that modifies the light emission to preserve sharp illumination patterns even with a large area lights. This pattern would otherwise get more blurred with increasing light size.



Corona Light - Shapes

Corona Light - Sphere
Corona Light - Rectangle

Corona Light - Disk
Corona Light - Cylinder

Corona Light - IES

IES - Example 1
IES - Example 2
IES - Example 3

IES - Example 4

Corona Light - Direct input

White (default color)




Corona Light - Kelvin temperature adjustment

6500 (default value)