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This page provides information on the Corona Wire Map. 



You can use the Corona Wire Map to visualize the edges and vertices of a 3D object is is applied to. Its typical use is rendering the so called "wires", where the whole scene is shown with visible edges. 




Base color – Specifies the color of the base of the texture on top of which the wire is drawn.

All edges – Shows all edges, including the hidden triangle mesh edges in quad or n-gon geometry.

Edges – Decides if the wire should include edges or not.

Vertices – Decides if the wire should include vertices or not.

World units / Pixels – Determines the way the thickness of edge/vertex coloring is computed. World units means that all edges/vertices have the same width, measured in the world units. Pixels means that the width changes so it is always projected to the same number of pixels in the resulting image.

Falloff – Non-zero values create a gradient between the edge/vertex color and the base color.





No Corona Wire map used

A dragon object using a simple reflective material.






Edges Only

A new material is applied to the dragon object, with a Corona Wire Map plugged into its diffuse color. Object edges are now rendered.


Vertices Only

Edges option disabled, Vertices option enabled.





Edges and Vertices

Both Edges and Vertices are enabled.


Material Override

The material override option is enabled in the Scene rollout of the Render Setup dialog overriding all scene materials to one using the Corona Wire Map. Note that both the dragon object and the ground object are affected. This is useful for rendering the whole scene with a material displaying its wires.





CTexmap Render Element

CTexmap render element using a Corona Wire Map. This renders the whole scene with just a single map applied to it (in this case a Corona Wire Map). Note that there is no shading, since we are rendering a texture rather than the full image with shadows, reflections, and other lighting effects. This is mainly useful for checking scene geometry and for toon-style renders.


Other Material Properties

The Wire Map can be also used to affect other material properties than diffuse color. In this case, opacity.

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