Light Gen

In V-Ray 5, we have introduced a new tool called the V-Ray Light Gen, which automatically generates a bunch of different lighting scenarios and variations for you, with just a few clicks. It enables you to achieve various lighting conditions using either the V-Ray Sun & Sky system, or HDRI images, to easily illuminate exteriors or interiors with natural light. The resulting lighting scenarios are then presented to you as thumbnails, which offer up to hundreds of lighting variations you can apply to your scenes, without any manual work required!

The great thing about the Light Gen is that it’s incredibly easy to use, while giving you a multitude of beautiful looking options to choose from. The camera’s exposure is automatically stored as well for each thumbnail, so you can select your desired lighting scenario, and then continue to render interactively and add artificial lights, without any hassle.

See the V-Ray Light Gen page for more information.

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