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This page provides information about the command line parameters available for Chaos Vantage.


Chaos Vantage can be run from Windows' Command Prompt with the listed below command-line arguments.

Please note that the vantage_console.exe has to be used instead of the vantage.exe located in C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\Vantage in order for the command-line arguments to work.


-help (-h) – Prints all available arguments.

-version (-v) – Prints current installed version, build number, build hash, build date of Chaos Vantage.

-quiet (-q) – Doesn't print rendering progress.

-debugLogFile (-dLog) – Outputs the debug log to a specified file. If the file could not be accessed or created, the default one (in %AppData% or %TEMP%) will be used.

-linkPort=<integer> (-lp) – Sets Live Link port.

-sceneFile=<filename> (-s) – Loads specified scene file.

-configFile=<filename> (-conf) – Loads specified .vantage file.

-camera=<name> (-cam) –  Sets render camera.

-sceneStateName=<name> (-ssName) – Applies the specified scene state.


-deviceList (-dl) – Prints a list of devices available for rendering.

-device=<integer> (-d) - Uses the device at given index in the list. Can be passed multiple times.