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This page provides information about the Chaos Vantage home screen.


Chaos Vantage Home is a welcome screen that appears when opening the Chaos Vantage application. It allows you to open empty files or existing ones; provides you with links to useful websites such as Vantage documentation and tutorials, forums, and Chaos websites; and gives you access to various sample scenes.

Once a scene file is opened, you can bring back the Chaos Vantage Home screen from the manu bar Vantage_HomeButton.png icon.


New file – Opens an empty file with a default texture environment.

Open file – Opens a browse window to select and load a scene file (.vrscene or .vantage file).

Tutorials – Opens Chaos Vantage tutorials website.

Docs – Opens Chaos Vantage online documentation portal.

Forums – Opens Chaos Vantage forum.

Support – Opens Chaos Help Center which provides helpful information such as service status, learning resources, troubleshooting solutions, and a request form.

Chaos – Opens Chaos website.

Recent files – Shows recently opened scene files. This section is not available upon initial startup.

Sample scenes – Double-click a scene to initiate download. Once the scene is downloaded, double-click it again to open it.

Vantage_DownloadButton.png – Indicator that a scene needs to be downloaded.

Vantage_DownloadedButton.png – Indicator that the scene is downloaded.


Context Menus

Right-clicking a scene thumbnail opens a dropdown menu with options for downloading, locating, opening, and purging the scene file. Depending on whether you click on a sample scene or a recently opened scene, the dropdown menu options differ.

Recent files

Open scene location – Opens the scene files location in Windows explorer.

Samples scenes

Download – Starts downloading the sample scene. This option is available only for sample scenes that have not been downloaded yet.

Open scene locationOpens the scene files location in Windows explorer.

Reset .vantage scene to default – Resets the scene file to its default state if changes have been made beforehand.

Delete from disk – Deletes the sample scene files.