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This page provides information on the Live-Link feature from Maya to Chaos Vantage.


The Live-Link feature makes it possible to instantly see changes made in Maya without the need to export and import .vrscenes in Chaos Vantage.

Live-Link Setup

For Live-Link to function properly, please follow the steps below:

Vantage Live-Link only works with Windows® operating system.


Live-Link works only with V-Ray 5, update 2.2 or newer.

After installation, Live-Link can be initiated:

Live-Link to Vantage

Use the Live-Link to Vantage button in Maya from the V-Ray shelf or V-Ray menu. Click the button and a Live-Link session is initialized between Maya and Chaos Vantage. It automatically:

    • Starts Chaos Vantage if it is not already running.
    • Sends the scene to Chaos Vantage on 20701 port.

When Vantage is initiated:

    • This temporarily changes the render settings of the scene.
    • Distributed rendering is enabled.
    • All IP addresses are replaced with a single local Vantage host.
    • The Vantage window opens, if it is not opened already.
    • The Vantage server starts and you can now make changes to the Maya scene and they will be visible in Vantage.

Live-Link cannot start while a render is running and vice versa - a render cannot start while Live-Link is running. In these cases, an error message appears in the Script Editor.

Once a Live-Link session is started, the scene is transferred to Chaos Vantage, a blue outline appears in the Vantage viewport and a message is displayed at the top of the Maya viewport saying Vantage live-link running. Use the V-Ray shelf to stop.

The Pause when app loses focus option in the Preferences menu is ignored when in a Live-Link session.

To stop a Live-Link session, click again the Live-Link  to Vantage button in the V-Ray shelf. Once the session is stopped, all render settings go back to their original state.


Supported Features

Not all V-Ray for Maya and Maya plugins are supported. For a full list, please visit the Supported Features page.