Table of Contents

New Features


  • Physical camera parameters
  • Camera roll functionality


  • Support for metalness (BRDFVrayMtl)


  • Pivot point selection button to top toolbar
  • Mouse precision toggle button 


Modified Features


  • Improved denoiser:
    • Details from small objects and shadows are less blurry
    • Reduced halo/bloom effect around objects

Animation Editor

  • Improved UX :
    • Increase the pickup radius for selecting thin areas - timeline marker, clip edges.
    • Make the rightmost 20px of a clip with two drag-able controls.
    • Transient clips are not resizable when dragged, only their position change.
    • Transient clips have a better thicker line indicator
    • Increase the limit of the "Def. duration" spinner to 1000 (approx. 10 sec @ 90fps )

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