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This page provides information about navigation controls in Chaos Vantage.


There are various controls to enable you to navigate the scene in Chaos Vantage's viewport. Some controls are enabled entirely with the mouse, with the keyboard, or with combinations between the two. The navigation can be set to work as in 3ds Max, SketchUp, or Maya. A full list of shortcuts can be found in Edit > Mouse and Key shortcuts. See the Shortcuts page.

To understand the controls, you should assume the following abbreviations:

LMBLeft Mouse Button
RMBRight Mouse Button
MMBMiddle Mouse Button


 The following commands are universal for all navigation presets:

Ctrl+Alt+LMBChange Focus Distance
Ctr+MMBRoll Camera
`Toggle First Person Mode
CToggle Camera Collision
Alt+ZUndo Camera
Alt+Shift+ZRedo Camera
XLevel the Camera and resets Camera roll
HomeSwitch to Home Camera
PgDownSwitch to Next Camera
PgUpSwitch to Previous Camera
Ctrl+F1..F12Save Camera Slot
F1..F12Load Camera Slot

In Fist Person mode
WCamera Move Forward
SCamera Move Backward
ACamera Move Left
DCamera Move Right
ECamera Move Up
QCamera Move Down
Shift+ Camera Move Faster
Ctrl+Camera Ignore Collisions

In Edit mode
RMB+WCamera Move Forward
RMB+SCamera Move Backward
RMB+ACamera Move Left
RMB+DCamera Move Right
RMB+UpCamera Pan Up
RMB+DownCamera Pan Down
RMB+LeftCamera Pan Left
RMB+RightCamera Pan Right
RMB+Shift+Camera Move Faster
RMB+Ctrl+Camera Ignore Collisions

The following commands have different shortcuts depending on the selected preset:

MMBDolly Camera Sideways
Alt+MMBOrbit Camera
Alt+RMBChange FOV
ZFrame Selected/Scene
Alt+MMBDolly Camera Sideways
Alt+LMBOrbit Camera
Alt+RMBFine/Smooth Camera Zoom
FFrame Selected/Scene
MMBOrbit Camera
Shift+MMBDolly Camera Sideways
Alt+RMBChange FOV
ZFrame Selected/Scene
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