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This page provides information about the mouse and key shortcuts in Chaos Vantage.



Vantage provides a list of mouse and key shortcuts for easier navigation and commands execution. The navigation can be set to work as in 3ds Max, SketchUp or Maya. This can be set from the Navigation Preset drop-down.

To see the full list of shortcut keys in Chaos Vantage, go to Edit > Mouse and Key Shortcuts.

To understand the shortcuts below, you should assume the following abbreviations:

LMBLeft Mouse Button
RMBRight Mouse Button
MMBMiddle Mouse Button

Shortcut depending on navigation preset:

[3] - 3ds Max

[S] - Sketchup

[M] - Maya







Shortcuts which are not greyed out can be edited. New keys or combination of keystrokes with modifiers can be assigned by using LMB click on the shortcut or RMB click > Edit. Additional options for shortcuts are Delete, which removes the shortcut and Reset, which restores it to default value.


General Shortcuts


Command Shortcut
Toggle Interface Ctrl+`
Toggle Fullscreen Mode Alt+Return
Flip Up Axis Z/Y Y
Pause Rendering Pause
Frame Selected/Scene [3] Z
[S] Z
[M] F

Navigation Shortcuts


Command Shortcut
Dolly Camera Sideways [3] MMB
[S] Shift+MMB
[M] Alt+MMB
Orbit Camera [3] Alt+MMB
[M] Alt+LMB
Fine/Smooth Camera Zoom [3] Ctrl+Alt+MMB
[S] (error)
[M] Alt+RMB
Toggle First Person Mode `
Toggle Camera Collision C
Camera Move Forward (when in First Person mode) W
Camera Move Backward (when in First Person mode) S
Camera Move Left (when in First Person mode) A
Camera Move Right (when in First Person mode) D
Camera Move Up (when in First Person mode) E
Camera Move Down (when in First Person mode) Q
Camera Move Faster (when in First Person mode) Shift+
Camera Ignore Collisions (when in First Person mode) Ctrl+
Camera Pan Up Up
Camera Pan Down Down
Camera Pan Left Left
Camera Pan Right Right

Camera Shortcuts


Command Shortcut
Change Focus Distance Ctrl+Alt+LMB
Change FOV [3] Alt+RMB
[S] Alt+RMB
[M] (error)
Roll Camera Ctrl+MMB
Toggle Camera Recording Ctrl+Shift+R
Undo Camera Alt+Z
Redo Camera Alt+Shift+Z
Level the Camera X
Save New Camera Ctrl+K
Overwrite Camera Ctrl+Shift+K
Switch to Home Camera Home
Switch to Next Camera PgDown
Switch to Previous Camera PgUp
Load Camera Slot F1..F12

Tool Shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Select Q
Group Select Shift+Q
Translate W
Rotate E
Scale R
Pick Focus T
Snap S
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Copy Viewport to Clipboard Ctrl+C
High Quality Render Setup Ctrl+R
Always On Top Ctrl+Alt+T

Selection Shortcuts


Command Shortcut
Make Selection Invisible V
Make Selection Visible Shift+V
Select Parent Ctrl+Up
Save Selection Ctrl+0..9
Restore Selection 0..9

Animation Shortcuts


Command Shortcut
Play/Pause Animation Space
Scroll though the timeline Mouse wheel
Zoom in/out of the timeline Alt+Mouse wheel