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This page provides information about the Chaos Scatter plugin in V-Ray for Cinema 4D.


Chaos Scatter is a powerful instancing and distribution tool that allows you to easily populate scenes with selected objects. This is especially useful for outdoor scenes that need to be filled with greenery, rocks, grass etc. Scatter allows for great control over the instances as well - you can customize and randomize your scene easily.

UI Path: ||V-Ray|| > Chaos Scatter


Here are a few steps to get started with Chaos Scatter. See the video for more.

  • Add scatter objects by nesting them inside the Chaos Scatter Object as children, in the Objects panel. You can then adjust their Frequency in the Objects tab.
  • Add an object to scatter on by adding it to the Distribute On list. Either by using the eyedropper tool or by dragging and dropping the object directly in the list. You can then adjust its Factor.
  • Adjust the instances' position, rotation and size using the Transformations tab.
  • Change the number of scatters from the Surface Scattering Count option.
  • Define the scatter region using the Area tab. You can assign splines and scatter either inside or outside of them.
  • Use the Slope from and Slope to parameters to remove instances in steeper areas.

Scatter Textures

The Surface Color texture and the Scatter Edge Trimming textures are currently not supported in V-Ray for Cinema 4D. See the Scatter Textures page for more information.
However, they are supported in Corona for Cinema 4D. See the Corona documentation for more information.

Parameter Tabs

Each Chaos Scatter tab has its own dedicated page, listed here:


Object Tab


Config Tab

Camera clipping

Camera Clipping Tab

Surface Scattering

Surface Scattering Tab


Transformations Tab


Areas Tab

Viewport Display

Viewport Display Tab

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