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This page provides information about the Convert Materials Tool.


The Convert Materials tool converts native Cinema 4D materials, Redshift materials, and V-Ray Classic Materials into V-Ray Node Materials, and Cinema 4D and V-Ray Node Materials into classic V-Ray materials.

For a list of all the shaders supported by V-Ray and V-Ray GPU, please see the Supported Features page.

UI Path: V-Ray > Tools > Convert Materials


Select from the Convert tabs whether only the Selected Materials or All Materials are converted.

Delete Original Material – When enabled, the original material is deleted, leaving only the output material in the scene.

Replace Assigned Materials – Replaces all the materials that appear in texture tags of objects in the document with the provided replacements in the conversion map.

Continue on ErrorForces the conversion to continue even if an error is encountered. The error is logged.

Convert to Classic – When enabled, converts native Cinema 4D nodes and V-Ray nodes to classic V-Ray materials.

In-place Node Conversion – Reuses the existing node material when converting a node material from a different (non-V-Ray) node space. This allows you to keep the original materials, while getting the V-Ray equivalent.

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