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This page provides information about the Metalness render element in V-Ray for Cinema 4D.




The Metalness Render Element shows areas, where a V-Ray Material, with Metalness is applied. The Metalness values are baked into an image, where black corresponds to 0, and white - to 1. The image created can be used as a metalness mask when creating PBR shaders in post-processing.

Note that values between 0 and 1 give an unrealistic metalness effect. They can be used creatively and for smooth transitions from a metal to a non-metal material on the same geometry. For more information on metalness and it's role when creating PRB shaders, visit Understanding Metalness


UI Path: ||V-Ray|| > Render Elements > Metalness


How to add a render element to a scene




Enable Deep OutputSpecifies whether to include this render element in deep images.

Filtering – Applies an image filter to this channel.



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