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This page provides an overview of the Render tab of V-Ray's Render Settings.


The Render tab in V-Ray's render settings can be used to enable and modify a variety of features such as caustics, displacement, and baking. It also contains options for the dimensions and outputting of the final render, as well as for the selection of the desired rendering device.

Here you can also choose the render engine - V-Ray CPU or V-Ray GPU, as well as submit scenes for render to the Chaos Cloud service.

UI Path

||Properties editor|| > Render > Render tab


The Render tab consists of the following rollouts:

  • Render - Basic rendering settings and enablement switches for the other rollouts.
  • Chaos Cloud - Usage of Chaos Group's Cloud service.
  • GPU - Settings for the V-Ray GPU rendering engine.
  • Dimensions - Controls for the dimensions of the rendered image and the animation range.
  • Output - Settings related to the outputting of the final render.
  • Caustics - Settings for the manipulation of the caustics effect. These become available when Caustics are enabled from theRenderrollout.
  • Stereoscopic - Controls for the Stereoscopic camera effect. These become available when Stereo is enabled from the Render rollout.
  • Bake - Contains the texture baking settings. They can be accessed once Bake is enabled from the Render rollout.