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This page provides information on the Chaos Cloud rollout under the Render tab in V-Ray's Render Settings.


The Chaos Cloud rollout allows you to submit render jobs to Chaos Cloud.

Chaos Cloud requires the installation of Chaos Cloud Client Application. For more information, see Installation of Chaos Cloud Client.

If you add a new version of a job you have already submitted, its upload will be much quicker than the initial upload. Chaos Cloud compares every new job to the existing ones, and if there is a match the Client App will upload only the changes. This is useful when you make a new iteration of an existing scene and is why it is recommended to keep your jobs in Chaos Cloud while you are still working on them.


Submitting Render Jobs

V-Ray for Blender provides in-built integration with Chaos Cloud, allowing you to submit render jobs to the cloud directly from Blender, using the Chaos Cloud rollout and pressing F12 after you have set the project and the job. The Chaos Cloud rollout is located in the Render tab of the Properties Editor.



Pressing F12 will start rendering your job, but due to some limitations, which will be fixed soon, you will not be able to see the rendering process. For more information, see Managing Jobs Rendered in Chaos Cloud and Managing Jobs Through a Command Line Interface.

If there are free resources in the cloud, Chaos Cloud will start rendering your job immediately. If there are no free resources, your job will join a queue and will start rendering automatically when resources become available.