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This page provides a tutorial for exporting Open VDB caches from Houdini and rendering them in 3ds Max using V-Ray.


The instructions on the following pages guide you through the process of importing and rendering Houdini simulations in 3ds Max using V-Ray. The tutorial is separated into three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 assumes you are somewhat familiar with both Houdini and 3ds Max, and provides information regarding the terminology used in Houdini and V-Ray/Phoenix FD.
  • Chapter 2 assumes you've read the first chapter and provides a quick overview of the process of setting up a custom Color field in Houdini which is then exported as VDB and used as the shading color for the smoke simulation.
  • Chapter 3 is focused on equalizing the settings between the Pyro shader and the V-Ray Volume Grid.

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It is highly recommended not to skip chapters! This guide is designed to give you detailed information on the workflow and the chapters following this logic.

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