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The Objects rollout is part of the Chaos Scatter parameters.


Distribute on-target objects – Specifies the object(s), on which the instances will be scattered.

Factor – This option is only available when Surface Scattering is set to Random or the scattering mode is set to 3D - In Bounding Box. Determines how many instances are scattered on the currently selected Distribute on-target object.

Instanced model objects – Specifies the objects which will be scattered on the distribute on-target object(s).

Frequency – This option is only available when there are more than one Instanced model objects. Determines the frequency of the currently selected instanced object in relativity to the others.

Override node properties – When enabled, the node properties for the scatter node override those of the individual instanced model objects. (e.g. primary and secondary visibility, V-Ray matte options, etc.) Object ID override is not supported yet.

Scattering of linked objects is also available. Import linked objects/groups/hierarchies as a group in the Instanced model objects field.

A spline cannot be added to more than one list. For example, if a spline is added to the Distribute-on-target objects list, it cannot be simultaneously added to the Spline excludes list. It must be removed from one list before being added to the other.

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