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This page provides information on the Presets dialog.



The V-Ray presets dialog is accessible via the Presets button on the System rollout, when the Advanced mode is displayed.

The presets dialog saves the various parameters of V-Ray into a text file which can be reloaded again quickly. Currently the presets are stored in a file called vray.cfg in the \plugcfg sub-folder of the 3ds Max root folder.

In the left part of the dialogue are listed all of the presets in the vray.cfg file. In the right part are listed all of V-Ray's roll-outs. You can select which roll-outs you want saved to or loaded from a preset.


UI Path: ||Render Setup window|| > Settings tab > System rollout > Presets... button

||Render Setup window|| > Settings tab > System rollout > Presets... button
(When Advanced or Expert UI mode is displayed)






Saving a Preset

  • Type the name of the preset into the edit box in the left part of the dialogue.
  • Select the roll-outs you want to save from the right part of the dialogue.
  • Press the Save button. The preset will appear in the presets list. If a preset with that name already exists, it will be overwritten.


Loading a Preset

  • Select the preset you want to load from the list on the left.
  • Select the roll-outs you want to load from the list on the right.
  • Press the Load button. The relevant parameters will be loaded from the preset. Note that you may need to open and close the Render dialogue to see the changes.



  • The type of the anti-aliasing filter is not stored in the preset.