Build 6.10.08 

Official release, Update 1.2

Date – May 3, 2023


Download V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max


New Features

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Add initial support for RAW render elements in V-Ray GPU


Modified Features


  • Optimize vrscene export for ForestPack and motion blurred Anima assets


Bug Fixes


  • Cosmos auto-downloader should not modify or consider proxy/bitmaps pointing existing files

  • VRayBitmap preview in Max 2024 Viewport is wrong when using Max Color Management

  • V-Ray properties' values cannot be bulk-changed

  • Render crash with hidden grouped objects added to the light exclude list

  • EULA does not get accepted when a 2-byte character is used in the username

  • Progressive resumable rendering could leave corrupted files in case of a system crash during saving


  • Rendering animation stops in the middle of the "Loading bitmaps" stage

  • Aborting GPU render before rendering might crash

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Chinese text for the Vantage toolbar icons in the English 3ds Max UI


  • Export of an image with wrong gamma when ICC Display correction is used


  • User-created proxies created after cosmos asset import, might get overridden on auto-download


Build 6.10.06 

Official release, Update 1.1

Date - April 11, 2023


New Features


  • Support for 3ds Max 2024;
  • Support for Material Switcher material in 3ds Max 2024;
  • Support for material compounds in 3ds Max 2024;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer, V-Ray GPU

  • Support for Chaos Scatter Edge trimming;


  • Add an ICC layer in the VFB;

VRayMultiSubTex, VRayTriplanarTex

  • Element recognition in VRayProxy with VRayUVWRandomizer and VRayTriplanarTex;

Language Localization 

  • Chinese translation is implemented.


Modified Features

V-Ray, VRayDecal

  • Add "Render when hidden" option to VRayDecal;

V-Ray, VRayDirt

  • Add "Ignore Self Occlusion" option to VRayDirt;


  • Ability to disable VRayPhysicalCamera grid for camera-viewport;

VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective, V-Ray GPU

  • Reduce tiling artifacts for thin layer of clouds;


  • Improve context menus of material and map buttons;
  • Redirect the "V-Ray Material Library Browser" button to Cosmos if the library folder is empty;
  • Enable the color mapping option of VRayMtlSelect by default;
  • Hide VRayFakeFresnelTex from the UI;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Support for Forest Color Tint mapped by a texture when exported to Standalone;


  • Support for Forest Pro's Edge Mode;


  • Hide the "System Paths" UI;


  • Implement Qt UI of Max Physical Camera V-Ray attributes;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayVRmatMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayShadows RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayStereoscopic;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayBitmap;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayDomeCamera;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayExposureControl;
  • Implement QT UI of Caustics rollup;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLightMix and VRayLightSelect RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayPtex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayICC;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLut;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLightMeter;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayMDLMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOCIO;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOSLOutputSelector;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOptionRE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayPhysicalCamera;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySphere;


Bug Fixes


  • IPR crashes with IPR Debug Shading toggled;
  • Incorrect render for multiple copies of same proxy with different mesh sets reorder/remapping;
  • Black Viewport IPR rendering with NVIDIA AI upscale VRayDenoiser;
  • VRayBitmap mixup in GPU IPR when Anima 4D characters are added via the anima Drop option directly in 3ds Max;
  • V-Ray GPU with NVIDIA AI upscale denoiser produces an output of 1/4 of the desired resolution when the image is saved from the Common tab Render Output;
  • Cosmos assets auto-download on scene open crashes if there are currently ongoing Cosmos downloads;
  • Crash with Forest Pro if 3ds Max Photometric (IES) lights are used in scene;
  • VRayExtraTex render element typo "lossess compression";
  • LPEs don't consider 3ds Max native Lights;
  • Displace is not greyed out when Direct illumination is checked in VRayLightMtl;
  • Crash when turning Enable GI on/off in scenes where the legacy Expert mode of the rollout is set;
  • Turn off Temporal mode in VRayDenoiser when NVIDIA AI upscale is on;
  • Keyed frames VRayLight Directional parameter doesn't export correctly;
  • After importing specific Cosmos assets the translation of objects does not behave properly and undo stops working;
  • PointCloud does not work with VRayLightMix;
  • VRayUVWRandomizer in VRayBitmap Mapping source bug;
  • Show render log' button in V-Ray GPU Render Setup does not work;
  • VRayLight caustics multiplier is not exported to vrscene;
  • Export render region from the context menu scene exporter;
  • VRayLight properties are not exported;
  • Override Material Include and Exclude list does not work in V-Ray GPU;
  • Hidden Particle Shader is still rendered visible in V-Ray Standalone (.vrscene export) when it is part of the Multimatte include list;

V-Ray, VRayExposureControl, VRayLightMeter, VRayDomeCamera, VRayICC, VRayPlane, VRayStereoscopic

  • Undo with Ctrl+Z is not working with V-Ray textures and materials with QT;

V-Ray, VRayPhysicalCamera

  • Black render with 3ds Max's Physical camera with bokeh map and disabled DOF;
  • Custom texture for Physical camera Bokeh effect leads to black RGB render;

V-Ray/V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter/V-Ray scene converter

  • V-Ray scene converter: Keeping the light Directional consistent after CoronaLight to VRayLight conversion;

VRayColor, VRayDistanceTex, VRayPtex, VRaySamplerInfoTex, VRayTriplanarTex

  • Controls are not grayed out properly when switching between maps of the same type in Max 2024 SME;


  • VRayDecal inherits the recently used Projection offset value on opening an old scene;


  • Crash when switching between VRayDirt maps in 3ds max 2024 ME;


  • Toggling the targeted option of VRayIES light shifts its viewport position;
  • Creating VRayIES with unchecked targeted will still create a light with a target;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer

  • Scatter instances popping in V-Ray during an animation;


  • VRayMultiSubTex slots are not properly loaded in 3ds Max 2024 when setting up two such maps consecutively;
  • Wire between VRayMultiSubTex and its sub-map is hidden in SME UI when the respective slot ID is disabled;
  • Disabled duplicated ID of VRayMultiSubTex prevents using the settings from its upper entry;

VRayMultiSubTex, VRayTriplanarTex

  • Specific VRayMultiSubTex configuration renders very slowly with motion blur;
  • Randomization by element with VRayUVWRandomizer and VRayTriplanarTex does not work for VRayProxy;


  • Maxscript exception when creating VRayPhysicalCamera with enabled Automatic vertical tilt;


  • VRayStochasticFlakesMtl is not updating its grayouts properly;




Build 6.10.04

Official release, Update 1 Bugfix

Date - March 16, 2023


Modified Features


  • Make the error 'Ignoring material LPE label "base"' a warning;

Bug Fixes


  • Various fixes for Deferred loading of the VRayBitmap viewport previews;
  • Fix issues with the "manual" mode of the LightMix render element;
  • V-Ray GPU with upscale denoiser produces an output of 1/4 of the desired resolution when the image is saved from the Common tab Render Output;
  • Global Switches' Override spinner arrows not responsive with values between 1 to 10;
  • GI settings panel views don't switch in 3ds Max 2018;
  • Crash when turning Enable GI on/off in scenes where the legacy Expert mode of the rollout is set;
  • Error for auto-backup when the Material override is enabled without material;
  • Turn off Temporal mode in VRayDenoiser when NVIDIA AI upscale is on;
  • Specific VRayMultiSubTex configuration render very slowly with motion blur;
  • Exporting .vrmeshes to separate files does not work when the folder has multibyte characters;


  • Bring back the viewport representation of VRayBlendMtl;


  • Memory leak with textures when rendering animation;
  • Include option in Exclude/Include lists in VRayClipper mesh mode is not working;
  • Render stucks when specific nodes are used for 2D displacement;


  • Nested VRayDistanceTex maps get the same Objects selection list in CME;


  • Negative values in Rest channel of VRayLightMix with opacity mapped double-sided lights;
  • Wrong VRayLightSelects with VRayEnvironmentFog and Opacity mapped objects;
  • Invisible objects are visible in VRayEnvironmentFog when using light mix;
  • Invisible VRayLights show up in Light select render element when having VrayEnvironmentFog;



Build 6.10.02

Official release, Update 1

Date - Feb 21, 2023


New Features


  • Add masking support for Lens Effects and Denoiser layers in the VFB;

  • Support for comparing VFB History images with their own Layer Stacks;

  • Add custom color space options for the VFB Background layer;

  • Add Light Mix Render Element from the VFB directly;


  • Integrate upscaling denoiser mode from NVIDIA into V-Ray;

  • Initial support for MaxUSD Exporter and USD Stage;

  • Deferred loading of the VRayBitmap viewport previews;

  • Support for exporting VrayRawRefractionFilter and VrayRawReflectionFilter RE in Chaos Cloud;

  • Support for exporting VRayRawDiffuseFilter RE in Chaos Cloud;

  • Add an option for Intel Open Path Guided Rendering in the Light Cache rollout;

VRayLightMix, VRayLightSelect
  • Material support for VRayLightSelect RE (LightMix);

  • Cylindrical projection functionality for V-Ray Decal;

  • VRayDecal to respect surface bump;

  • Custom light decay for V-Ray lights;

  • Override resolution per VRayPhysicalCamera;

  • Add proportion guides to VRayPhysicalCamera;

  • Deform Volume Grid in Volumetric, Volumetric Geometry and Isosurface modes when Bend, Skew, Taper, Twist, Melt, or Stretch modifiers are applied to them. No support for streamline and GPU viewport preview yet. No support for .vrscene rendering and Cloud rendering yet;
  • Button for converting the currently shown velocity streamline preview into native 3ds Max splines;

  • Add support for Compressed Textures mode on V-Ray GPU;
  • Mesh mode support for VRayClipper;
  • Port the "Uniform" illumination mode of the VRayMtl Translucency on GPU;
  • VRayCryptomatte support for objects seen through refraction/reflection;
  • Integrate VolumeInstancingTree and VolumeGrid instancing optimizations into V-Ray Standalone CPU;

V-Ray Sphere Fade
  • Add an "invert" option to the VRaySphereFade atmospheric, similar to the one in Maya;


Modified Features


  • Make the VRayDecal mask blend for displacement;
  • Instancing 3ds Max .vrscene export support for VolumeGrid;
  • Export of animated film gate of VRayPhysicalCamera;
  • Warning in the Scene Analyzer for scenes with Irradiance map;
  • Silent installation changes the .xml file values;
  • Ability to specify channel numbers for UVs and other alembic arbGeomParam data;
  • Improve context menus of material and map buttons;
  • Improve VRayLightMix's right-click menu;
  • Expose the DeleteResumableFileOnSuccess option in the V-Ray for 3ds Max interface;
  • Progressive caustics performance improvements
  • Optimize OSL headers loading;
  • Improve the machine info printed in the log in V-Ray Standalone or by the -version flag;
  • Support for long error messages;
  • CPU IPR should read the mtl_maxdepth settings;


  • Improve V-Ray Sky procedural clouds by adding parameters for density, seed and contrails;


 V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • LightMix during Light Cache building and progressive undersampling;

  • Support for user attribute modes of VRaySamplerInfo RE in V-Ray GPU;


  • Add option to VRayPlane to use real world scale;



  • VRayDecal works even if it is hidden;

  • Improve VRayDecal's cylindrical workflow;


  • Improve light sampling for VRayEnvironmentFog;

  • Update light linking in IPR, when user updates light exclude/include list;
  • Draw a viewport preview for VRayLight decay options;
  • Lights scattered by VRayInstancer should be controlled by their sources in VRayLightSelect elements (LightMix);


  • New color for the pressed state of "Test resolution" in VFB;
  • Increase the maximum of the Glare Size parameter from 100% to 200%, while keeping the soft maximum to 100%;
  • Add light selection functionality in LightMix;

V-Ray .vrmat converter

  • Redesign the VRmat Exporter;

  • Faster rendering of VolumeGrid instances in V-Ray Standalone CPU;

  • Make the 3ds Max "Export and Render in V-Ray GPU as VRayVolumeGrid" also affect the Ocean, Grid, Foam and Particle Phoenix textures;

  • Option to turn off the smoothing of the mesh normals;

  • Add "Do not show this message again" checkbox to the dialog asking to enable Static Default Geometry for Ocean Mesh mode in 3ds Max;

  • Allow manual creation of the VolumeGrid atmosphere, but no more than one instance;

  • Visibility and self-shadowing checks for VolumeGrid, instaced by VRayInstancer;

  • Recognize by default the "velocity(x)", "velocity(y)" and "velocity(z)" grid channels and the "particles_velocity" from VDBs from Blender;

  • Slice Preview Width option;

  • Own Light Scatter Mult and External Scatter Mult are not greyed-out when Scattering mode is Disabled or Ray-Traced in 3ds Max;

V-Ray, V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter, V-Ray Scene Converter
  • Remove 'maxver' global from to avoid clashes;

  • Shadow opacity optimizations;

VRayMtl, VRayLight
  • Detect missing Cosmos assets and auto-download them on user choice;

  • Embed standard OSL header files into the OSL library;

  • Add frame index as OSL shader attribute;

  • Expose access to shutter time in camera shaders;


  • Expose time global variable in camera shaders for GPU;

  • Changing the name of the VRayNoiseTex when copying it;

VRaySun, VRaySky, VRayAerialPerspective
  • Add an Affect Alpha option in the VRayEnvironmentFog and VRayAerialPerspective;
  • Replace VRaySun's .enabled parameter with .on (maxscript);

  • VRaySwitchMtl's nodes and properties Materials to be with the same numerations;
  • Show the VRaySwitchMtl sub-material in the viewport in respect to the current switch value;

QT UI Implementation
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLightMix and VRayLightSelect RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayMetaball;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayDecal;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayRenderId RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayZDepth RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayWireColor RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayVelocity RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayUnclampedColor RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayVectorDisplBake;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayToon RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayMtlSelect RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayRaw/Refraction/Reflection/Filter RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayObjectID RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayMtlID RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLightingAnalysis RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayExtraTex RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayDRBucket RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayCryptomatte RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayAO RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of V-Ray Object properties;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayDisplacementMod;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayDenoiser RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayInstancer;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayHairFarmMod and VRayOrnatrixMod;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySamplerInfo RE;
  • Implement QT UI of System rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of Caustics rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of GI rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of Color mapping rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of Tiled texture options and Proxy preview cache rollups;
  • Implement QT UI of Light Cache rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of Camera rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of Image Sampler and Image filter rollups;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayAtmosphere RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of vrscene export and cloud submit dialogs;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayDirt;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayEnvironmentFog;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOptionRE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySSS2 RE;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRScansZone and VRScansPMaskElement REs;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayFur;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayGLSLTex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayGLSLMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOSLTex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOSLMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayIES;
  • Expose tooltips for Qt UI of VRay Materials/Maps and Render Setup in 3ds max versions 2020-2019;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayObjectSelect and MultiMatte REs;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySun;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayAmbientLight;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLight;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayPhysicalCamera;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayPlane;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayPtex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayScene;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySphereFade;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayAerialPerspective;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayToon;

Bug Fixes

  • Camera Motion Blur doesn't work in IPR;
  • Incorrect IPR results when excluding an object from the Source Light instanced by VRayInstancer;
  • Incorrect values when using only one of the input color components on GPU/Standalone;
  • After importing specific Cosmos assets, the translation of objects becomes abnormal and Undo stops working;
  • VRayCompleteMap baking element disappears from the V-Ray GPU rollout;
  • 3ds Max crashes when a USD file, created by the Omniverse exporter, is rendered in V-Ray;
  • Random crash when starting IPR from VFB with specific scene;
  • The translucency of the VRayMtl is not written to the albedo render element;
  • Render mask on Layer mode does not respect Layer hierarchies;
  • Bucket size is transferred to V-Ray GPU, when set in V-Ray CPU;
  • VRayMtl Environment Map field missing from UI in 3ds Max 2018;
  • Region rendering disabled in IPR when "Built-in Buffer" is disabled;
  • Cosmos lighting assets import with the wrong mode;
  • VRaySheenReflection render element causes difference in VRayTotalLighting element in specific scene;
  • Crash on .vrscene export with Separate files option=on and any of the sub options disabled;
  • Incorrect IPR results when excluding an object from cloned (instanced) VRayLight's exclude list;
  • Incorrect export of VRayLight' s animated parameters to USD;
  • If a viewport is maximized all 4 viewports show their borders when dropping a Cosmos 3D asset;
  • Occasional crash on downloading missing assets from Cosmos;
  • Use world units spinners for the VRayMtl's "Dim distance" and translucency "Thickness";
  • Cosmos materials with fog are imported incorrectly;
  • V-Ray installation overrides newer Cosmos installations with an older one;
  • Animated Alembic meshes produce incorrect velocities when modifiers are applied;
  • Empty rollouts when opening scene with obsolete Expert UI mode setting;
  • Crash while downloading multiple misallocated Cosmos assets to use with current scene;
  • VRayDistanceTex not properly updating upon object movement in V-Ray GPU;
  • 3ds Max 2018 crashes when a VRayMtl is created or copied in the Material Editor while the IPR is running;
  • Random crash when rendering a sequence, using Live Link with Vantage;
  • Wrong render of the ZDepth render element with Catmull-Rom Image Filter;
  • Difference in export with VRayNormalMap when a map is used in the bump map slot;
  • Crash with an empty VRayEnmesh reference objects list in V-Ray Standalone;
  • Changes to a material in the CME do not show in the viewport in real time;
  • Diffuse color changes from Compact material editor are not updated in the viewport;
  • Anima characters not following walkway path on scene export;
  • Discrepancy in Standalone with visible Dome lights and VRayZDepth;
  • Anima 4D characters rendering distorted in Standalone animation;
  • UV Space Map channel for VRayNormalMap is not exported;
  • Crashes with NormalBump on instance delete and undo or creation;
  • Including/Excluding a light through the trace sets in the V-Ray Properties of an object does not work correctly;
  • VRayInstancer does not render properly VRayLightMtl in VRender and Standalone GPU/CPU, when Direct Illumination is On;
  • Export render region from the context menu Scene Exporter;
  • Various Atmospheric gizmos used with VRayEnvironmentFog are rendered with uniform shape when exported;
  • Forest Color map produces color tint artifacts/variations in Element mode in GPU IPR;
  • Main channel selection in the Standalone Denoiser not working;
  • LPE light tags support;
  • Longer render and load time with Alembic compared to VRmesh;
  • Compile geometry is slow when there are 735 proxy files referencing the same .vrmesh file;
  • Specific Tiled EXR file returns black color when applied as texture, due to only channel present in file being rgb.R;
  • .vrscene file path is reduced to 256 characters;

  • The Loop Time Bend mode treated as Direct Index mode when exporting from 3ds Max to vrscenes, rendering with V-Ray GPU or on the Chaos Cloud;
  • V-Ray Distance texture used as a Fire opacity mask doesn't update properly during sequence render with V-Ray GPU;
  • Can't animate the 'Fire Multiplier', 'Physically Based', 'Fire Opacity Mode' and the Smoke Color 'Based On' parameters when exporting to V-Ray Scene;

  • The Mesh of the VolumeGrid has Vertical Fade level erroneously applied to it and it can't be turned off;

  • Crash when rendering with Scanline after the scene has been rendered with V-Ray;

  • The Render Elements might render black with freshly started 3ds Max and Volume Light Cache enabled;

  • Smoke opacity modulated by V-Ray Distance texture doesn't show the correct result in the viewport GPU Preivew;

  • Voxel Velocity and Streamline Velocity previews show much less data than they should with Auto Range and a moving VolumeGrid;

  • The Streamline Velocity preview does not exclude the inertial velocity of a moving container like the old Velocity preview does;

  • 3ds Max crashes when rendering in Isosurface Render Mode and a Gradient Ramp texture, set to Lighting Gradient Type, is used as a V-Ray Environment texture map;

  • Saved images from the GPU preview with frames outside the timeline have cache indexes clamped to the nearest timeline frame;

  • VRayPluginNodeTex map in the Bump map slot renders with different strength after export;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU
  • Displacement applied on a Decal does not render correctly on the opposite side of the camera;
  • VRayDecal mask is not clamped;

  • Mismatch in Diffuse shading and displacement using the same Triplanar texture;
  • Cryptomatte masks for lights are not working in V-Ray GPU;
  • CUDA error 700 appears when toggle off/on the Volumetric Environment set to Fog during Interactive render with GPU;
  • 555f00prism.vrscan causes Maya to crash when GPU render is started;
  • Crash with NVlink and artifacts with V-Ray light positioned exactly at 90 degrees and matte surface, using V-Ray GPU;
  • VRayMultiSubTex in Random By Element mode with dynamic geometry produces incorrect results;
  • Crash when using Refraction+Alpha on specific object;
  • VRayDecal with disabled 'Use decal user properties' renders differently in V-Ray GPU;
  • Wrong clipped VRayLights objects with OOC when VRayClipper is set with Use Object Material;
  • GPU Light cache freezes when scrubbing the timeline during IPR with specific scenes;
  • Reflect/Refract Affect All Channels doesn't work with VRayBackground RE;
  • Crash in V-Ray GPU IPR with BF+BF and refractive glossy VRayMtl when changing translucency modes;
  • Difference between CPU and GPU with VRayMultiSubTex Random By Element and non-default motion blur geometry samples;
  • Textures on objects are not rendered correctly with motion blur and viewport subdivision;
  • Dynamic geometry doesn't update in Interactive when deformed;

V-Ray, VRayAlSurfaceMtl, VRayFastSSS2
  • Override Material's Preserve Original Opacity does not work with VRayFastSSS2 and VRayALSurfaceMtl;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer
  • VRayScatter does not work with VRayCryptomatte;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer, VRayMultiSubTex, V-Ray GPU, VRayTriplanarTex

  • Wrong motion blur with Chaos Scatter and inconsistent ID assignments;

V-Ray, V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap Converter, V-Ray Scene Converter
  • VRmat exporter with all scene materials causes MAXScript exception when exporting background color textures;
  • V-Ray Scene Converter does not propagate Strength Mult. parameter from CoronaNormal to VRayNormal;

  • Crash when resetting CC Layers stack while Curves are being recalculated;
  • Saving an image from the VFB with the Background layer set to "As Foreground" produces black overlay;
  • Missing color corrections when uploading an image from VFB History to Chaos Collaboration;
  • Remove MaxScript commands for the old VFB from the vfbControl list;

  • VRayDecal's helper with an assigned material does not update properly its viewport preview when changing its dimensions;
  • VRayDecal to work with VRayUserScalar/VRayUserColor;

  • VRayEnmeshMod does not work with Opacity;
  • VRayEnmeshMod's Crop box position is misallocated in 3ds max 2023;
  • Enmesh does not properly work with masked decals;
  • Incorrect results with masked VRayDecal projected on VRayEnmesh;

  • Artifacts with 5 or more VRayEnvironmentFog gizmos;


  • Crash when deleting the light while rendering a scene with VRayGLSLTex in V-Ray IPR;

  • VRayGLSLMtl does not generate render channels in V-Ray for 3ds Max;
  • Crash with generator_outline.frag;

VRayGLSL, VRayOSL, VRayMDL, VRayPluginNode

  • Texture used with VRayOSLMtl doesn't show with production rendering;

  • Thinking Particles object renders despite primary visibility being OFF;

  • VRayBitmap's QT Map button in Dome Light doesn't load textures accurately;
  • Modifying the settings of existing VRayLight in a previously saved scene transfers them to every other consecutively created light;
  • Adaptive dome light artifacts when Caustics are enabled;


  • Crash with ill-formed parameter lists in OSL;
  • Crash after deleting `[[string widget="null"]]` metadata;

  • Wrong results when projecting opacity-mapped VRayDecal onto VRayMtl with Refraction or Translucency mode;
  • Dragging an HDRI from Cosmos to VRayBitmap input field is not working;
  • XRef material is populated with the whole material tree in SME on render;

  • Incorrect handling of empty camera shader nodes when targeting the GPU;
  • OSL preprocessor warnings are treated as errors;
  • Access violation with camera shaders which make use of `transform()`;

VRayOSL, V-Ray
  • Tiling of input textures not taken into account in V-Ray GPU;

  • DOF has to be applied when "Bitmap aperture" is active but the bitmap itself is not loaded in VRayCam settings;

VRaySun, VRaySky, VRayAerialPerspective

  • VRaySky realistic viewport pixels are clamped to 1.0;

  • VRayPluginNodeTex map in the Bump map slot renders with different strength after export;

V-Ray Toolbar, VRayMtl
  • Wrong viewport shading of objects with VRayMtl when assigned from V-Ray Toolbar;


Build 6.00.20

Official release, Hotfix 3

Date – Oct 5, 2022


New features


  • V-Ray CPU IPR support for for VolumeGrids and Phoenix SImulators in 3ds Max;


Modified features


  • Installing V-Ray as a render node also installs Cosmos and Unified login;
  • Integrate the latest scatter materials randomization enhancements in Cosmos;


  • GPU support for Affect All Channels;


  • Expose the hidden Grid Based motion blur in the user interface - it allows for more explosive and more fluid looking blur;
  • Sped up rendering of grid volumes with up to 25% when Fully Visible Fire or Volume Light Cache was used;
  • Sped up rendering of grid volumes with up to 10% when the RGB channel was used;
  • Simulation meshes produced by Wave Force must be able to blend seamlessly with infinite ocean;

V-Ray/V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter/V-Ray scene converter

  • Support conversion of the CoronaPhysicalMtl through the V-Ray scene converter;


  • Add Soap Bubble preset to V-Ray Mtl presets;


Bug fixes


  • Missing Tab name in the VRayBitmap node in Max 2018;
  • VRayDisplacementMod's MaxScript write_vrmesh command is not working;
  • VRayProxy vrmesh can not be overridden from 3ds Max in V-Ray 6;
  • Low CPU utilization with Intel Alder Lake CPUs on Windows 11;
  • Decal displacement doesn't affect minimum geometry displacement, breaking negative decal displacement;
  • Crash with Forest with V-Ray 6 IPR;
  • V-Ray Light Lister misbehaves with DPI scaling above 100%;
  • VRayScene Animation Override Playback parameter value is not exported;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Crash on GPU rendering Chaos Scatter when using splines as distribute-on objects;


  • IPR GPU does not update when changing the list of affected lights in the Environment Fog settings;
  • VRaySphere flip normals not supported;
  • Sun disk from VRaySky environment map is rotated with VRayLight dome's texture;
  • Incorrect Diffuse filter render element when All channels option is selected under Affect Channels;
  • IPR GPU does not update the render when adding new lights to Environment Fog;


  • Slow bucket refresh when using Curves or Exposure corrections;
  • VFB color corrections are not saved on all frames using vrimg and when rendering an animation;


  • VRayEnmeshMod input fields are not working in the latest builds for 3DS Max 2018;


  • VRayMtl's Qt version needs differentiation in the Glossiness maps names;


  • VRaySphere wrong size when scaled (CPU);


  • Rare GPU Preview crash;
  • Crash during V-Ray Light cache generation when Fire Lights are illuminating OSL material exported to vrscene;


Build 6.00.08

Official release, Hotfix 2

Date – Aug 10, 2022


Modified features


  • Implement Qt UI of VRayBitmap;

VRayBlendMtl, VRaySwitchMtl

  • Use native 3ds Max material and map Qt buttons wherever possible;


Bug fixes


  • Crash on starting IPR rendering with Forest scene;
  • Drag and dropping images onto the VRayBitmap's bitmap slot stopped working;
  • VRayMtl appears black when using SSS translucency and refraction is not white;
  • Undo for clear shortmap button is not working for QT based UI;
  • Applying 3ds Max Modifier to a simulator/volume grid in volumetric mode prevents it from rendering;

V-Ray, VRayEnmesh

  • VRayEnmesh produces wrong results when shaded with VRayTriplanarTex;


  • Crash when excluding VRayEnmeshMod object from a light;


  • Crash on aborting Chaos Scatter creation with V-Ray IPR running;


  • Adaptive dome artifacts with VRayScatterVolume material;


  • Opacity renders as solid black with black fog color in V-Ray 6;
  • Wrong render of VRayMtl with opacity and fog color;



Build 6.00.06

Official release, Hotfix 1

Date – July 28, 2022


New features


  • Keep the renderer settings when switching the production renderer between V-Ray and V-Ray GPU;


Modified features


  • Proper alignment on placing cosmos walls and ceiling suited assets;
  • Cosmos importer - decal autogrid/auto-placement;
  • New icons for the Vantage Toolbar;
  • Implement QT UI of Environment rollup;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayBitmap;


  • Texture slots for fog depth and translucency amount;


Bug fixes


  • Evaluate diffuse and specular separately only for non-volume hits with VRayLight Affect atmospherics;
  • Saving EXR directly from the VFB is not multithreaded (regression);
  • Artifacts with matte object and invisible VRayLight;
  • Reflections dim falloff does not work with matte object;
  • Invisible lights are visible in front of Matte surfaces;
  • Animated thickness parameters for thin film in VRayMtl are not exported;
  • Crash in compact material editor when dragging VRayBlendMtl's coat material to a free slot;


  • Crash on GPU rendering when using splines as distribute-on objects;
  • Optix crashes with Chaos Scatter and assigned surface color on the source object when the distribute-on object does not have any texture to be used as a base map;
  • Specific scenes cause the GPU engine to crash;
  • Clipped light geometry when 'Clip lights geometry' option is disabled and non-light geometry is in front of lights;
  • Wrong VRayClipper material on clipped VRayLight objects when set to Use object material;


  • Crash when picking VRayScatter for a Cryptomatte Mask;


  • DirtTex: "Distribution" parameter must be disabled only for the reflection modes;


  • VRayEnmeshMod's Crop box size resets with UnwrapUVW;
  • VRayEnmesh produces wrong results when shaded with VRayTriplanarTex;
  • VRayEnmesh ignores hidden polygons and renders the full mesh in its objects list;
  • Limit the VRayEnmesh list to not accept the same object more than once;
  • Rearrange the UI


  • Black IPR rendering after refresh when using VRayInstancer;


  • VRaySun's Clouds not updating in IPR when used only in VRayDome;



Build 6.00.04

Official release

Date – July 7, 2022


New features


  • Include Chaos Scatter as part of the V-Ray installer;
  • VRayProxy improved functionality with hierarchy and advanced overrides (3ds Max 2019 and up);
  • Implement optimized auto-bump mode for displaced meshes;
  • Deep output option for the Cryptomatte render element;


  • Implement clouds for the V-Ray Sky;


  • Improved SSS translucency mode of VRayMtl;
  • Add Thin Film rollout in VRayMtl;
  • Implement energy compensation for the GTR BRDF;


  • Finite radius for the dome light with option for ground projection;


  • VRayEnmesh modifier in Max;


  • Displacement support for VRayDecal;


  • Chaos Cloud Collaboration share tab;

  • VFB panorama Viewer;
  • Proportion Guides Layer to help with scene composition in VFB;
  • Batch image processing in VFB2; Option to process exr files;
  • Flip button in the VFB;

  • Add light selection functionality in LightMix;
  • Add an option to remove resumable vrimg file after successful render;


  • Multiple scattering with custom phase function for volumetrics;
  • Add tooltips to the 3ds Max Simulator UI;
  • Display textures in the GPU preview;
  • Add tooltips to the 3ds Max UI;


  • Batch load of bitmaps in VRayMultiSubTex;
  • Add "by user ID" random option in VRayMultiSubTex;


  • Add support for V-Ray Perfect Sphere to V-Ray GPU;
  • Improve Trace depth workflow;
  • V-Ray CUDA/GPU rendering for Chaos Scatter Surface map;
  • Support for VRayLightingAnalysis render element;

VRayDenoiser/vdenoise.exe, VFB, V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Add albedo RE for AI denoising;


  • Add MaxScript alias "fileName" for all plugins that take a file name as a parameter;

V-Ray, MultiMatteElement

  • Cryptomatte and Multimatte in Volumetric mode on CPU;


  • Ability to use a sequence of .vrscene files and load them automatically on frame change;

V-Ray/V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter/V-Ray scene converter

  • Add a V-Ray menu item in the main 3ds Max menu bar;


Modified features


  • VRayDecal presets in Cosmos;
  • Implement QT UI of Default displacement rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of IPR options rollup;
  • Implement QT UI of Bucket image sampler rollup;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayEdgesTex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayMtlWrapper;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayLightMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayUserColor and VRayScalar;
  • Implement Qt based UI for some of the V-Ray/GPU render settings dialogs;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayFakeFresnelTex;
  • Implement image files drag and drop to texture slots in Qt UI;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayCarPaintMtl and VRayFlakesMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayBlendMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayBump2Normal;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayBumpMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayCompTex;
  • Implement the UI of VRay2SidedMtl in Qt;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayCurvature;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayScatterVolume;
  • Implement Qt UI for VRayFastSSS2 Material;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayCarPaintMtl2 and VRayFlakesMtl2;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayHairInfoTex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayOverrideMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayPointParticleMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySamplerInfoTex;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayStochasticFlakesMtl;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayNormalMap;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayMultisubTex;

  • Implement Qt UI of VRayHairNextMtl;

  • Implement QT UI of Progressive Image Sampler rollup;
  • Modify V-Ray GPU sampling defaults;
  • Enable Probabilistic Volumetrics by default for new scenes;
  • Cosmos importer support of textures and materials for MtlLib porting;

  • Remove filter_generator.exe from the installation;
  • Update the slots in the Compact Material Editor according the new VRayMtl defaults;
  • Redirect the "V-Ray Material Library Browser" button to Cosmos if the library folder is empty;
  • Remove Show GPU stats in VFB from the GPU UI;
  • Remove Low GPU Thread Priority setting from the GPU UI;
  • Disable Time Limit in GPU UI when Sampler is set to Bucket;
  • Normals Render Element in Volumetric mode;
  • Improve order detection of custom UV channels in alembic loader;
  • Method for listing files paths from a Cosmos asset;
  • Partial material override to work with animations;
  • Transport custom particle data for light instances in V-Ray Standalone;
  • Remove the Visible to GI option from VRayObjectProperties;
  • On drag & dropping HDRI the result dome should not snap to objects;
  • VRayProxy preview types are cropped on HiDPI;
  • Add a warning when rendering VRayVolumeGrid in CPU IPR;
  • Improve the data window values when using Auto mode for the VrayOptionRE;
  • VRayHairInfoTex animated parameters export;
  • Remove the Diffuse subdivs and Diffuse multiplier options for Photon Mapping GI from the V-Ray light properties;
  • Export VRayObjectSelect RE to a .vrscene file;
  • Change V-Ray installation environment variables;
  • Adding progress bar in Standalone VFB;
  • V-Ray Implement Qt based UI for V-Ray/GPU render settings dialogs;


  • Improve GPU Rounded corners in VRayEdgesTex;
  • Support for "Result affect" in VRayDirt;
  • Change GPU clamp to work as CPU clamp;
  • Autovoxelize dynamic geometry in V-Ray GPU;
  • Use 16-bit quantization of float point value for NanoVDB;
  • Scatter Surface Map support for noise/procedural maps and XYZ uvwgens in Std CPU;

  • Support unlimited number of user attributes per node;


  • Improve Тhin Film controls;
  • Shadow opacity optimizations;
  • Texture slots for fog depth and translucency amount;
  • Remove Glossy Fresnel option;
  • Introduce a more accurate metallic Fresnel;


  • The data in AUR files in the Standalone Preview and Cache Converter;
  • Wetting checkbox animatable in 3ds Max;
  • Speed up render start with thousands of vrscene simulator copies;
  • Recognize by default Velocity(x), Velocity(y) and Velocity(z) channels from VDBs from thinkingParticles;
  • Increase the default Velocity Streamline Length from 5 to 20 for Max;
  • Update OpenVDB to the latest available;

V-Ray, VRayEnvironmentFog, VRayFur, VRayHairFarmMod/VRayOrnatrixMod, VRayInstancer

  • Memory optimization for VRenderInstance;

VRayEnvironmentFog, VRayAerialPerspective

  • Add an "affect alpha" option in the VRayEnvironmentFog and VRayAerialPerspective;

V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter/V-Ray scene converter, V-Ray Toolbar

  • New icons for the V-Ray Toolbar;
  • Add the materials from the V-Ray Toolbar to the V-Ray Menu;


  • Double-clicking the VFB to zoom the area round the cursor;
  • Dither colors in the frame buffer to avoid banding with low-contrast gradients;
  • Add the Sharpen/Blur layer in the VFB2 MAXScript layer manager properties;
  • Create a separate library for collaboration integration;

VRayOSL, V-Ray

  • Batch execution of camera shaders;

VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective, V-Ray GPU

  • GPU: Compute sky clouds on the GPU;


  • Implement Qt UI of VRayColor2Bump;
  • Optimize VrayColor2Bump to do 3 texture calls instead of 4;


  • Grey out Streaks density and Blur in VRayDirt when the renderer is V-Ray GPU;


  • Support for "null" widgets;


  • AdvancedWood.osl export;


  • Switch to MDL 1.5;

V-Ray, VRayPluginNode

  • Add output section to VRayNoiseTex;


  • Add limited forward-compatibility to VRayPluginNode;

V-Ray, VRayScene

  • Add preview mode options for VRayScene node;

V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter/V-Ray scene converter

  • Support conversion of the CoronaPhysicalMtl through the V-Ray scene converter;


  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySky;
  • The VRaySky map as environment background should be available for preview in the viewport;


  • Implement Qt UI of VRaySwitchMtl;


  • "Use displaced surface" option in VRayTriplanarTex for diffuse;
  • Implement Qt UI of VRayTriplanarTex;
  • Make "By node handle" the default random mode for VRayTriplanarTex;


Bug fixes


  • Crash on export with Chaos Scatter and assigned surface color on the source object when the distribute-on object does not have any texture to be used as a base map;
  • Animated cloud parameters in VRaySun are not exported with frame range;
  • Render to Texture crashes when there is a geometry with VRayDisplacement in the scene;
  • Any changes to Render region resets Real Zoom during an IPR session;
  • Slow memory release with many VRayProxies;
  • VRayEnmesh is not tiled in the negative UV direction respective to the uvw gizmo of the base object;
  • Time reported by the progress for "Compiling geometry" is incorrect in Standalone;
  • Memory leak in TexLut;
  • Memory leak when saving multichannel/multipart OpenEXR files;
  • TexLut fails to read file on Linux when the path is specified with backslashes;
  • BitmapBuffer: <frame0*> support;
  • Diffuse artifacts with anisotropic reflections and sheen or diffuse roughness;
  • MDL displacement is not exported correctly;
  • VRayScannedMtl with triplanаr mapping and VRayBlendMtl renders differently when exported;
  • Metadata from VRayOptionRE is not saved in tiled exr;
  • Spurious crash when starting viewport IPR using V-Ray GPU;
  • V-Ray crashes if there are very long strings in "Object Properies -> User Defined";
  • VRayBlend's sub-materials are not exported with VRayMtlSelect RE;
  • Crash on scene save in 3ds max 2017 after Cosmos import and creating light or geometry from V-Ray Toolbar;
  • V-Ray proxy does not update the "preview override" correctly;
  • VRayDecal creation/material assignment not registered in RT IPR (RT CPU & GPU);
  • IPR crash when render Proxy with bump material inside .vrscene node;
  • Animated Near and Far distance in Falloff Map with Distance Blending mode are not exported;
  • 3ds Max crashes to desktop when exporting specific scene with TyFlow;
  • Camera motion blur is always active on GPU in 3ds Max;
  • Crash during V-Ray CPU IPR if decal creation is canceled;
  • Difference in V-Ray Standalone with mapped GradientRamp for mapping values above 1;
  • VRayCarPaintMtl2's displacement is not exported;
  • TexFalloff used for opacity is rendering differently in IPR and production;
  • Render difference with Object Visibility in V-Ray Standalone;
  • Support for export of animated OSL shaders and MB;
  • Visibility option is ignored on RailClone object when using the original source material on export;
  • Discrepancy with Physical camera's DOF with empty custom texture slot;
  • Crash to desktop when using instanced shapes in Pflow with a normal mapped material;
  • Crash in 3ds Max when rendering VRayScene object with VRayUVWRandomizer used in its vrscene;
  • Artifacts when using "reflect on back side" with glossiness<1 and objects with the Bend modifier;
  • The 'Custom Scaling Size' Windows settings causes text and button overlays in the V-Ray Light Lister;
  • Gradient ramp as bump is not working in V-Ray Standalone;
  • Hair cache is not cleared with Ortnatrix .abc in VRayProxy;
  • Difference in VRayMtl with fog between opacity_mode 0 and 2;
  • tyFlow particles rendered with Particle Shader have too strong motion blur when rendered with V-Ray Standalone or V-Ray GPU;
  • LPE light tags support;
  • VRayNormalMap with a map in the Bump map slot doesn't render with Standalone;
  • VRayDecal with material displacement doesn't work properly when projected on excluded displaced object;
  • Discrepancies between Max and Standalone with VRayMultiSubTex's Random by Instance ID when VRayProxies are instanced by VRayInstancer;
  • ChaosScatterSurfaceColor map does not work properly when applied to VRayProxy;

  • Light position wrong for lamps imported from Cosmos;

  • Wrong viewport preview with visibility overrides in VRayProxy loading same mesh file;

  • Wrong translucency with Multi/Sub-Object material on instanced objects when original geometry is hidden;

  • Crash with ChaosScatter during IPR when deleting/undoing random instances while Instance mode is selected;

  • Crash with ChaosScatter when having mapped transformations scale slot with Legacy mode chosen;

  • Typo in V-Ray Proxy Menu (Bounging instead of Bounding);

  • Exception in V-Ray GPU with .vrscene node when rendering sequence;

  • Crash with empty VRayEnmesh reference objects list in V-Ray Standalone;

  • VRayLightSelect produces black pixels with glossy materials with black fog color;
  • Standalone crashes with specific scene with VRayEnmesh;
  • Deep breaks VRayMtlReflectGlossinesss when deep fragment by Z-Depth is used;
  • Animated Clouds are not affected by the timeline when rendering in GPU;
  • Blue tint on material preview swatch when 'Show background' option is enabled in 3ds max 2023;
  • Adaptive dome light artifacts in scene with V-Ray Dome and multiple IES lights;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Crash in V-Ray GPU IPR with material editor and tyFlow's Position Raycast and Mapping operators;
  • Projections using Spherical camera are not rendered correctly with V-Ray GPU;
  • Instanced textured VRayLights don't share loaded textures;
  • tyFlow particles rendered with Particle Shader have wrong positions in V-Ray Standalone and V-Ray GPU;
  • VRayMtl with translucency is not rendered properly after resuming a render using RTX mode of V-Ray GPU and Light cache;
  • Disable glossy Fresnel for ior<1;

  • V-Ray Mtl energy compensation increases the render time when reflect on backside is used;


  • Scene with Light Cache crashes if run in parallel on Linux;
  • The 3ds Max Tiles textures stopped rendering with CUDA;
  • Cuda error 700 when rendering specific scene file with multi/sub materials;
  • VRayCryptomatte is not working with kernel 3;
  • Discrepancy in the Light cache when using Self illumination material;
  • Cuda error 700 when rendering specific scene file with deformable geometry and multi/sub materials;
  • Wrong render of VRayMultiSubTex on geometry with motion blur;
  • Incorrect render with VRayEdgesTex on subdivided geometry;
  • Incorrect render with Forest Color texture in Get ID from Element mode;
  • OOC related crashes in V-Ray GPU;
  • Artifacts on specific scene with VRayMtl SSS translucency;
  • Crash with Optix Nvlink and kernel3;
  • Crash with specific Forest Pro object and GPU light cache in hybrid mode;
  • Crash when rendering to texture and geometry with displacement;
  • Wrong fog color alpha results when refraction set to affect all channels;
  • V-Ray GPU crashes when rendering specific scene with RTX or OOC;
  • Wrong render with SSS2;
  • The alpha of a transparent VRayMaterial is not working correctly;
  • V-Ray Next GPU produces different alpha compared to the V-Ray in a specific case;
  • Regression with alpha of refractive materials in Beta 2;
  • Cache converter crashes with VDB grids which have vector velocity;
  • V-Ray GPU crashes on machines which physically do not have GPU;
  • Excessive memory usage on GPU LC, plus decreased performance on some scenes;
  • Crash with GPU Light cache subdivisions set to 2000 and sample size >0.1;
  • Unintentional overlap of enum values in OCLDynMeshFlags;

  • Qt device select tool crashes on startup;

  • Crash with Physical camera's position constraint ;

  • Crash when rendering specific alembic particles file;

  • Some threads never finish with low_gpu_thread_priority=1;

  • V-Ray GPU produces different alpha compared to V-Ray;
  • GPU Light cache freezes when rendering animation with specific scenes on machine with multiple gpu cards;

V-Ray, VRayDecal, V-Ray GPU

  • VRayDecal to work with VRayUserScalar/VRayUserColor;
  • Incorrect results with VRayDecal during IPR debug shading;
  • VRayDecal doesn't work with VRayFur and Ornatrix in V-Ray GPU;

V-Ray, VRayEnmesh

  • Crash when scaling the gizmo of VRayEnmesh;


  • Crash while attaching OSL Map to more than one material during GPU IPR;


  • Crash with animated OSL shaders on GPU;
  • Crash on IPR refresh with multiple materials connected to the same OSL map;
  • VRayOSLOutputSelector resets on scene reload when Quick Shader is enabled;
  • Slow loading of AdvancedWood.osl in VRayOSLTex;
  • OSL Map renders with default values of color parameters when exported;
  • Crash with MDL materials which rely on VDF functions;
  • OSL shaders as VRayDecal mask are not marked as graph_owner when exporting from Max;
  • Animation exporting for the OSL plugin in Max has stopped working;
  • Crash with export of animated HDRIEnviron.osl;
  • Missing mx_funcs.h file error when exporting Max OSL Map;
  • OSL in VRayDisplacementMod is not exported;
  • Animated OSL renders with its default values on GPU when Мotion blur is enabled;
  • Shader graphs break at VRayOSLOutputSelector node;
  • Export of two and four-component color values;
  • The r component of color2 is not exported;
  • Crash with VRayOSLTex and trace() function;
  • Export of multiple shaders containing vector-like structures;
  • Crash with output selectors and missing VRAY_OSL_PATH;
  • SimpleOcean.osl doesn't get rendered with VRayOSLTex;
  • Scrambled parameter hints in OSL;


  • Thickness parameter not changing Clouds' thickness with values above 1000;


  • The caches are appearing sliced or are not visible in the viewport when the GPU Preview and Smoke Opacity Modulate options are enabled;
  • Smoothed Velocity channel of VDB caches incorrectly produces very large or very small scale;
  • Noise with Fire simulation and reflective material with glossy below 1;
  • Light links don't work in Volumetric mode with V-Ray 6 in 3ds Max;
  • Тhe grid velocity from the vector "vel" channel of imported VDB caches is not the correct scale;
  • Grid previews disappear when switching to "Velocity" Grid Blend mode after changing the Input Play Speed to <1 while the Grid Blend mode was a different one;
  • Grid simulation with high velocity using Adaptive Grid and Precise Tracing Grid Blend mode appears chopped apart;
  • The 'Only if Selected' preview option does not work for the Velocity Streamlines in 3ds Max;
  • Shadow, Raw Shadow, GI, Raw GI, Light Select and Lighting render elements don't render correctly in Phoenix Volume Shader with enabled "Volume Light Cache" in 3ds Max;

V-Ray, VRayDecal, VRayFur, VRayPhysicalCamera

  • Composite map as a VRayDecal mask does not render on scene open;

V-Ray, VRayEnvironmentFog

  • V-Ray IPR crashes with VRayEnvironmentFog and Target Directional Light with Atmosphere shadows on;

V-Ray, VRayHairMtl

  • Incorrect default value of the IOR map multiplier in VRayHairNextMtl;


  • ICC correction from env. variable does not work in VFB2;
  • Crash when loading image with saved OCIO correction and multiple display devices in the config;
  • The selected color space for OCIO is blank when using specific modified OCIO file in 3ds Max 2019;
  • The "All" LightMix parameters values are not saved to presets and history;
  • VFB settings are not used when rendering through BackBurner;
  • Error deleting the root VFB layer with vfbControl;

VFB Settings

  • V-Ray log verbose level to 4 from Render Setup is not displayed properly in VFB;

VFB, V-Ray

  • Missing cryptomatte mtl info if Forest proto nodes are hidden;


  • VRayClipper incorrectly clips refractive objects;


  • Wrong gamma applied when changing parameters in VRayColor;
  • VRayColor maps get created with wrong gamma if an old map is present in the scene;


  • Crash when changing decal angle parameters in Max 2019;

  • GPU IPR doesn't update over animated parameters for map used as mask in VRayDecal;

VRayDecal, V-Ray GPU

  • IPR crash with V-RayDecal;

VRayDenoiser/vdenoise.exe, V-Ray GPU

  • No device available error on test machine with AMD card only;
  • Compiling kernels for not selected device;


  • Picking VRayProxy should not be allowed when picking objects for VRayEnmesh object list;
  • Crash when picking objects with no geometric data for VRayEnmesh objects list;

  • Crash when pressing the Remove button on VRayEnmesh with empty objects list;

  • VRayEnmesh produces wrong results when shaded with VRayTriplanarTex;

  • Memory leak in Enmesh in standalone;


  • Thinking Particles pLight (Omni) renders wrong inside V-Ray Environment Fog;


  • Inconsistent VRayOSLOutputSelector parameters count;
  • VRayMDLMtl: Missing tooltips;

VRayGLSL, V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • OSL bump maps that use object space coordinates don't work on GPU;

VRayGLSL, V-Ray, VRayDirt, VRaySoftBox

  • Crash with VRayDirt used as coat in VRayBlendMtl when IPR is running;


  • VRayOSLTex doesn't accept negative values;
  • Support for "connectable" metadata;
  • Add support for screen space to OSL;
  • Surface tangents (dPdu, dPdv) render differently with VRayOSLTex and OSL Map;

VRayOSL, V-Ray

  • Broken transformations in camera shaders;

VRayOSL, V-Ray, VRayPhysicalCamera

  • Crash when applying a copy of a camera shader during IPR;


  • MDL displacement doesn't work with interactive rendering on the GPU;


  • Crash with VRayDirt applied to VRayOSLTex;


  • 3ds Max doesn't match standalone with VRayMtl with stochastic opacity and fog color;
  • Several maxscript properties for VRayMtl are not following the material naming convention;
  • Unlocked Fresnel IOR is not preserved with Preserve Reflections in OverrideMtl when exported;
  • VRayMtl's animated map multipliers / color swatches are exported incorrectly;


  • Material Editor UI freeze after Batch Load in VRayMultiSubTex with max 2019;


  • Crash when loading different plugins in VRayPluginNodeTex;
  • Warning for unsupported plugin pops up lately when opening a scene with VRayNoiseTex;
  • TexRemap (vray plugin node texture) only supports VRay GPU;
  • VRayPluginNodeMtl dialog has texture output;
  • Export of VRayNoiseTex animated texture blend factors is not working properly;

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Error on undoing VRayToolbar Mesh light creation;
  • Create V-Ray Decal command is missing in the main menu;
  • Rare case of broken registry disables Vantage toolbar;