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This page provides information on Telemetry for the V-Ray for Maya Improvement Program.


The V-Ray improvement program is based on telemetry. It allows Chaos to track general V-Ray usage statistics as well as automatically collect crash information. The type of information that will be collected includes some parameter values that people use most often, which will allow Chaos to optimize and improve V-Ray's performance. No personal identifiable information, scenes, assets, or materials will be collected.

The collected data is sent when Maya is closed, and is stored locally in text files. For Windows the files can be found in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ChaosGroup\telemetry. For Linux and macOS the files can be found in the home directory of the current user: ${HOME}/.ChaosGroup/telemetry/The collected data is viewable with a text editor. 

Enable Feedback Program

The Feedback program is activated by enabling Help make V-Ray even better checkbox, available upon pressing the Advanced button of the installer.

Feedback Program Settings

The Feedback program settings can be changed any time in Maya after installing V-Ray. They can be accessed through the V-Ray Render Settings window > Settings Tab > About Chaos V-Ray rollout. Pressing Feedback program settings... button will launch V-Ray feedback program settings window.

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