Тhis page provides information on the Convert Scene for V-Ray tool.



Opens the Convert Scene for V-Ray window where you can convert a material to a VRayMtl. Note that for now it works only for standardSurface material and aiStandardSurface material, and that it doesn't convert dispersion, sheen, coat, sss.

UI Path: ||V-Ray Menu|| > Tools > Convert Scene for V-Ray



Connect Materials – When enabled, assigns the converted material back to the geometry. When disabled, the converted materials have to be manually assigned.

Create Adapter Notes – When enabled, creates intermediary nodes to better match the original material. When disabled, produces simpler shading networks, but at the expense of visual parity.

Convert All – Converts all materials to V-Ray materials.

Convert Selected – Converts only the selected materials to V-Ray materials.

Cancel – Closes the window and cancels the conversion of the materials.