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This example shows how to disable the Motion Blur effect on animated UVs using V-Ray post-translate script, while preserving the effect on the object . 


Disable motion blur on animated UVs
from vray.utils import *

names = ["*pCubeShape*"]

# Collect nodes from the list of names
nodes = []
for name in names:

# Perform some alteration on the nodes
for node in nodes:

    # V-Ray can have GeomDisplacedMesh but also GeomStaticMesh
    if not node.type().endswith("Mesh"):

    # Get current UV value
    channels = node.get("map_channels")

    # Set the UV values (so V-Ray considers them static values)
    node.set("map_channels", channels)



 For more information on V-Ray post-translate Python script, see the referred page.

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