Build 5.02.01

Official release, update 2.1


Download the V-Ray Benchmark


  • fix the visualisation of the frequency


Build 5.01.02

Official release, update 1.2

Date  - Jun 13, 2022



  • new UI theme
  • sign in from the browser, enabling all integrated sign-in options (Google, Chaos account, Trimble, etc.)
  • reduce the size of the distributable on macOS



Build 5.01.01

Official release, update 1.1

Date - Dec 15, 2021


  • utilise all cores on newer Windows 10, and Windows 11
  • ease the troubleshooting process by linking to Chaos Help Center

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Build 5.01.00

Official release, update 1

Date - Jun 22, 2021


  • share scores on social media
  • copy a screenshot of a score preview to the clipboard
  • show NVIDIA driver version, if available, when previewing scores
  • view public scores on
  • fix an issue with the submission, and deletion of scores
  • fix an issue with doubled NVIDIA prefixes for some devices
  • don't show info messages as warnings



Build 5.00.03

Official release, Hotfix 3

Date - Apr 16, 2021


  • Properly report macOS versions from Big Sur on


Build 5.00.02

Official release, Hotfix 2

Date - Mar 18, 2021


  • Rebranded the application
  • Downscale the application on lower resolution displays



Build 5.00.01

Official release, Hotfix 1

Date - Dec 17, 2020


  • macOS application
  • fix a problem with the comments not updating
  • fix an issue with the --list-devices option not showing all CUDA devices
  • notify when there is a newer version of V-Ray Benchmark
  • notify when NVidia drivers are old, or incompatible
  • add separate tags for V-Ray GPU CUDA, and V-Ray GPU RTX in the output JSON file
  • check for invalid device indices set from the CLI



Build 5.00.00

Official release

Date - Nov 11, 2020


  • Benchmark with V-Ray 5
  • New mode: V-Ray GPU RTX
  • New scene for every mode (V-Ray, V-Ray GPU CUDA, and V-Ray GPU RTX)
  • New UI
  • More CPU details: count of physical CPUs, total # of logical cores, SMT/Hyper-threading, and clock speed
  • Detect hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling
  • Sign in from the application
  • Save, and manage private scores, not visible on, which can later be made public
  • Preview all scores for a user
  • Save a screenshot of a score preview
  • Filter hybrid V-Ray GPU CUDA configurations
  • Filter V-Ray configurations by names, SMT/Hyper-threading, total # of logical cores, and counts
  • Filter V-Ray GPU configurations by names, and counts

Known issues

  • The --list-devices command-line option in vray-gpu-cuda mode doesn't list CPUs in hybrid configurations. The CPUs can still be selected by their default index 0.
  • Selecting a single GPU from a Multi-GPU graphics card might cause unexpected behaviour.
  • Running a second V-Ray Benchmark instance closes the previous one.