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This tutorial shows you how to add a V-Ray Toon Effect to a scene in Solaris. For instructions on how to use the toon effect in V-Ray for Houdini, see the How to add V-Ray Toon Effect tutorial.


V-Ray Toon Effect offers a quick and easy way to add cartoonish outlines to the objects in your scene. You can apply the outlines to all or just specific objects. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a V-Ray Toon Effect to specific objects in the stage network.

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Before proceeding with the following step, ensure you have set all the geometry, lights, and cameras in your scene.

  • Add a Material Library LOP. Inside it, create a V-Ray Material Builder VOP by right-clicking and selecting V-Ray > Material > V-Ray Material Builder.

The material builder will serve as a material for the geometry in the scene.

Name the material accordingly, e.g., Toon_RobotHouse. In scenarios involving more complex scenes with multiple materials, proper naming significantly facilitates navigation and management.

  • Inside the material builder, two nodes appear automatically - a V-Ray Material (VRayMtl) and a V-Ray Output. Replace the VRayMtl with a V-Ray Toon material from V-Ray > Material > V-Ray Toon Material. Link the V-Ray Toon material's BRDF output to the Material input of the V-Ray Output node.

This ensures that the toon material will be the one rendered at the end.

  • Exit the Material Library LOP and create an Assign Material LOP.
  • Assign the V-Ray Toon material to the geometry. To do this, drag the RobotHouse geometry into the Primitives field of the Assign Material parameters, and drag the Toon_RobotHouse material to the Material Path field of the Assign Material parameters.

Alternatively, use the Select primitives button on the right of each field or directly type the paths.

More information on material assignments is available on the Working with Solaris Materials page.

  • Create a Render Geometry Settings LOP.
  • Go to the V-Ray tab and find its Toon subtab. There, enable all the parameters you need to create a toon effect, such as Line Color, Line Width, Inner Line Controls, etc.

Final image

No effect Before image
Toon effect After image

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